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Area 52
I've played on this server for a little over a year. I've never had a queue time even during prime time. Transfers to this server really need to stop, or offer existing players a free transfer off. This is getting a little irresponsible. I can understand letting people create toons here still, but allowing transfers to a high pop server to continue after a server hits a queue time is akin to having one line open at Wal-mart at peak time and it's 40 items or less.
Hate to break it to you but we've had well over hour queues in the past and transfers were still allowed. Not many leave during a Free Xfer period because the server is good.
I for one agree with Joe here. It's frustrating when I get out of bed to play and have to wait to even log in! I don't take my disability check lightly and if I am going to spend $15 a month I expect to at least be able to play when I want to. I worked hard for my money and I deserve the right to use a service that I am paying for when I want to use it. It's just downright lame that these people can still transfer to my server when it's clearly overpopulated as it stands. I vote to close transfers or at least let us off this sinking ship if nothing else.
it happens i don't mind the que in the slightest. If thats the price to pay to play on a superior server i'll more than pay it. If you don't like it you can transfer, and queues are in the TOS that you agree to to play. Give it a few weeks and it will go back to normal anyways as the people who resubbed beat LFR and "Finish" the patch then go back to just complaining about the lack of content
WELL I've been playing on this server since it first came online and i have seen queue times over and over and over ever new expansion almost every patch AND HEY TRUE OLD SCHOOL AREA 52 DUDES.........anyone remember the queue times for the infamous vicarious roguebow catastrophe? ah that analogkid had to have all the legendaries
I hear Andorhal needs people.
I actually think they should up the limit of people online at a time. With people spread out over the "world" it should ease some of the issues of clients bogging down when coming up on an insanely populated area.

Then again they love to launch quest hubs that attract everyone who's online at once.
The worst queue I saw was 25 minutes. And yup, queues are the price we pay for an active server. Go hang out on a "Medium" pop realm and see if you like it better .....
Queues were even longer during Ulduar. This is nothing new for the server. If you hate queues, it's probably in your best interests to transfer to another realm.
I don't mind the que times. I re rolled here from a medium pop server and even calling it medium pop is a stretch at best... Longest one i've had so far was 15 mins. Tab out and read facebook or something. It's really not that bad to have to wait considering you could be on a dead realm!
lol im ive been in queue for area 52 for the past 10 min estimated 15 min left...
It's not just the que that bugs me. It's the strain on the server and the lag that goes with it. We can throw so many people at a world boss, we can crash the server and have.

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