1/12 ToT 10 man Looking for more!

Area 52
About us
Vigilantes is a 10m semi-hardcore guild located on Area-52.

Group 1 - 1/12 ToT
- Disc Priest with Dps offspec
- Rogue
- Lock
- Balance Druid
- We are interested in all players of high caliber as fill-ins.

- Fully prepared for raids.
- Competitive and committed.
- Able to take criticism.
- Mature.
- Have common sense.

Group 1: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,: 8.30pm - 11.30pm Server Time.
During Progress...Mondays may be added.

We like to raid. We show up and don't miss raids without good reason.

High numbers is not everything. We want the sort of players who can think on his/her feet and make good decisions in split seconds. Do your job instead of pad. Stay focused while adjusting to unexpected during a fight. The ability to play all the specs of your class.

Not standing in fire is basic, we want MORE than that.

We spend 9 hours a week together in raid and on Vent/Mumble. We like a good laugh and some of us make terrible jokes. We're not looking for asshats. We want good fellow raiders who are similarly driven and can take a bad pun once in a while.

If we sound like a good fit, feel Free to message Dàrkàngel, alt (0224),
in game to chat more.

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