Itoka <Master of the Forge> ?

Has anyone found him up on your server yet or do we have to wait until a later stage for him to spawn? Reason why I am asking is because I would like to start getting a head start on the Lightning Steel Ingot cooldowns so I can start to save them up
u cant start it till stage 3 of thunder isle and the thunderforge is unlocked, gg on blizz hating blacksmiths
well wtf blizz really!?
Not true.
Totally false statement Loneknight.

Itoka spawns but it's a long time between spawns (although there is a rumor he was removed). You can also get to him without any hacks, wallwalking, or anything out of the norm. This is probably working as intended, otherwise they would have phased the island. If it wasn't intended, then chalk it up to poor design.
You have to get thru the 3rd door of the palace to get to Itoka. This happens in steps as your server progresses.
You can reach Itoka right now, however the rumor he was removed temporarily seems to be true...i camped him for 3 hours and no spawn....He was intended to be killed because some of the bosses in there cant be touched so if he wasnt intended to be killed they would have done the same thing...I just wish they would put him back in the game already.

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