WTS lvl 25 guild [H]

Trying to get rid of my level 25 guild with four tabs before I transfer, instead of disbanding it, it's been inactive for ~4 months now as I am just coming back from a break. Price-wise I don't really wanna budge from the 125k range that they usually go for, but as that's with an active community, looking to price it to sale at half that price, or more serious offers can be considered.
Ever since it became so easy level a guild and there is no longer a cap you are lucky to get 40k for a guild these days.
Sumwan is correct. I bought a 7 tab guild bank with lots of achievements and nearly everything unlocked for 40k.

You may get 25k for that guild if you're lucky and t hat's assuming it has a decent amount of things unlocked.

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