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Hey everybody,

I checked wowhead but there isnt a lot of info from the PTR. This isnt a 'QQ i cant get gear' post, i just want to make sure i'm not missing a quest hub or something.

Shado-Pan Assault: rewards 522 gear from the QM, same ilevel as normal mode ToT raid. But the only way to gain rep is to do the actual raid (boss or trash), the 1 man scenario/speen run if you get the key or use 3 of your Shan'ze ritual stone to summon a group boss.

Kirin Tor Offensive: easier to get rep with, Island dailies gets you rep, Tattered Historical Parchments can also be turned in for rep tokens. Rewards seem to be aimed at helping you with the 1 man scenario. But not a lot of gear options...476 belt, 496 stuff and a mount.
Where do you hand in the Tattered historical parchments?
Where do you hand in the Tattered historical parchments?

The quartermaster for that faction. They're on the boats at the moment.
not online atm but i swear last night i recall seeing a 522 piece at Exalted with Sunreaver, for gold not valor (900G I think).

I personally LOVE that, I just got my grind on all the way to exalted, I like just being able to purchase my reward after going through all that, instead of having to burn VP. A quest (like GL or Klaxxi) would've been acceptable as well.

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