So Light's Hammer.

Is the DPS loss from not taking Holy Prism so high that the situational value of being able to put down an aoe slow is diminished? I've been trying Light's Hammer out in BGs, and I'm kinda iffy so I'd like to hear your opinions.
Let me share with you a little secret:

I play a rogue, and a ret, and both of them are 00000 in 2's 3's and 5's and RBG's.
so shutup.

Anyways, Holy Prism is amazing.

Heres why: I have a macro for HP. Under normal conditions I shoot one off on my target, when shift is pressed, I shoot one off on my focus, and when Alt is pressed, I shoot one off at myself.

So Holy Prism has great synergy with Glyph of Flash of Light. Easily 120k health with a FoL + HP afterwards.

Another great use: Stealthies.

You can sense it, theres a rogue, feral, or hunter nearby, but you can't see them. And you can't afford to waste a 2 min CD just to AoE blind them out of stealth. Holy Prism is here for you.

Can't express how many times I've gotten rascals out of stealth with Holy Prism.
It's like a miniature Halo with a 20 second CD.

Cast it on yourself, then <Entering Combat> flashes on your screen. You wont see it immediately, but half a second after you pop a HP on yourself, a little beam shoots out and smacks that surprised rogue right in the face.

Holy Prism is also a really useful burst heal.

Not sure if I answered your question or not, but I just want to discourage you from choosing anything other than the marvelous Holy Prism. Have faith young Paladin.
Everything Gildriel said. Holy Prism is the way to go. ;)
I like Holy Prism too, it can hit pretty hard, it can heal one or many people, its a ranged attack, its got a really low cooldown and it can flush out the sneaky bastards..... Even though I just love the super cool looks of ES and LH, Prism is just so versatile and can be used often.... Its also not that flashy which is kinda good, people cant see it comming and it can't get moved out of or dispelled like the other 2.
I really wish Light's Hammer was a baseline ability for ret. Having that aoe slow to use on command would be something from heaven imo.
I just hit 90 last night and been toying around with Holy Prism and Light's Hammer. Gildriel listed basically all the useful things Holy prism has to offer. I won't be using anything but holy prism lol

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