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I started yesterday with planting seeds for rep with several factions. While doing so, some of them were bursting and were counted towards the quest yesterday. However today on those toons that had the bursting crops they no longer counted towards the quest. Also when i picked to do the same factions again today, it no longer had the 2nd dropdown (part) of the quest. I relogged and still nothing, i received credit for 1st part (the planting of seeds) but no 2nd part still and this is the same for over 7 toons.
The second part is daily as well. When you turn it in the first time it starts the timer. It should be available when you start your dailies again tomorrow (today?). Look on the little cart next to the farm for the yellow ! to show up.
Help. I am trying to do the veggies for Rep quests, but only ever get the one for Pumpkins (Klaxxi). How do I get the other Factions ?

Its been this way since the patch came in, nothing ever changes. sigh
Looks like you have to unlock the dailies for whatever faction in order to get their work orders to show up, have you got dailies opened for the other reps yet?
You do indeed have to open up the other factions, so they also have dailies. Then they will appear in the thing as work orders you can do (I have four now, is that all of them?)

The bursting reams you, basically.
When you instantly get a bursting crop, harvest it and then plant another (making sure its not bursting.) At least I did it that way. I then read some other players post where I think they said that (bursting did not lead to credit.) So if its bursting, harvest it immediately and then plan another one that is the same as the others (waiting to be harvested tomorrow.)

On the successive days, you no longer have the second drop down part. However, the next day harvesting the stuff brings up the second part and then you get credit for finishing (and use the box in the wagon, and the quest finishes.)
Er... no, you don't want to harvest a bursting crop as soon as it's planted. Plant all 8 crops, complete the quest, then pick up the one to harvest them. That's when you should harvest your bursting crops to plant a new one. It'll throw off your count a little, but you can just throw an enigma seed in it's place.
Rubyheart, that doesn't work anymore. The harvest quests aren't given out until the following day now.
Carisse it actually happens both ways for the harvest quest.
For example, I have GL, Klaxxi, Shieldwall.
I plant GL and Klaxxi today and get the harvest quests for tomorrow.
Next day I do GL and Shieldwall, I won't see the harvest quest for GL until the following day, while Shieldwall I will see immediately. Gotta hit the bug reports for developers to see and be practical about it.

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