[H] Lnertia LF Raiders

Just announcing that Lnertia, a 10man raiding guild on horde side, is currently looking to recruit 1 -2 additional raiding members for Throne of Thunder. Lnertia is a chill group of like minded players who have shown interest in raiding from server launch. We have been exceptionally successful in our raid endevours over the years for the limited hours that we raid.

We are currently looking at a raid scheduel of 8:30 pm - Midnight-ish on Saturday and Sunday.

We do not currently have specific demands on class / role or gear level, we are more interested in ability and experience. For more information please seek out Flopit, Streuth or myself ingame.
I should also mention that Lnertia is a mature guild with mature themes.
By mature you mean immature yeah?

Oh and we can also be contacted via our heaps up-to-date website:

By mature you mean immature yeah?


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