[H] <Kaizen> Recruiting (Not for Raids!)

Area 52
Have you played this game forever?
Are you tired of guild politics?
Do you justify your monthly fee based on how much it costs to see a first run movie?

Then Kaizen is for you! We are currently recruiting for our Wednesday night achievement runs!

Do you want to raid 4 days a week, 3, 2, 1? Then we are not for you! We are looking for people that have wowed long enough to know that content releases will never end, and that the carrot will never be eaten. Instead, we are looking for wow weary people that love the game, but hate where it has gone, and just want a good group of people to hang with. That's right, I am pointing my finger at all of you that farmed grave moss in SM for poison pots in naxx 60. All of you that failed at a boss over and over again because raids weren't previewed 6 months before release (cough, C'thun). When maxing enchanting required some random NPC inside Uldaman, and not some !@#$head in a cap city. You get the idea...

I'm not promising loots, epics, legendaries, or anything worthwhile at all. What I am promising is a like minded group of people that were there when pvp was turned on and witnessed the massacres at southshore and tarren mill. Basically, a group of curmudgeons for which wow has ceased to be life, and has become the movie you see once or twice a month. This is a hardened group of ex-raiders looking for like minded people to enjoy retirement with.

If you are interested, PST, or in game mail Alumac for an invite. We look forward to reminiscing over vent!
This guy just petitioned and took over the guild then withdrew 70k from the guild bank. Don't make him anymore money you guys. I'm not trolling, just posting from an alt since I still have toons in that guild.
If by petitioned you mean I asked the former GM to make me GM so I can try to build the kind of guild I described above, then yes, I petitioned for the guild.

If you're implying I withdrew the money to pay for a drunken weekend of gambling, whoring and general debauchery on Kezan, then you are wrong there as well. That sweet, sweet gold was spent on gear for a fresh 90 (but battle hardened) tank for the aforementioned achievement runs.

And you really didn't need to post from an alt, since according to you, I stole the guild and use it as my personal piggy bank, why on Azeroth would I want to kick you out?
Gold you didn't earn I might add. And yes Manfay I left with the rest of the guild after he pulled that stunt. Only reason Alumac is trying to recruit now is because there is no one left to make him any money now.
I still don't understand the issue. The gold was always there for the guild, it was used for the guild and yes it was earned by the guild. Are you expecting a payout for the guild facilitating your raids? It wasn't stolen or transferred out of the guild, it was used to gear up a guild member for us to run stuff with of which each member had been in the guild for a lot longer than you had or anyone else who left had been in.

When we transferred over here the expectation were made very clear. It was a level 25 guild friends could use to have a home and raid with. As far as I could tell there was only really one person who had an issue with this but in the end I knew it wouldn't work out forever and eventually it would split off so the actual raiders could do their own thing.

Which is better for both parties, you get to have your way and we get rid of the children let in.

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