[H] Couple looking for a home for raiding :3

Heya. We just recently transferred here and are looking for a raiding guild. We have both been playing the game for a very long time and have experience with current content and will be fast learners for any future content. We do the research and have a fairly decent grasp on how to play our classes, and both have vent and mumble and are able to communicate. We are interested in a 10 OR 25 man raid team. I play an enhancement shaman with a restoration offspec (offspec isn't terribly geared yet but it's something I'm working on) and he plays a fury warrior with a prot offspec (armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/arthas/Beefnuggets/simple). However, he also has an enhancement shaman (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/drakthul/Shockra/simple) that he would love to begin playing again if we could find a 25m raid team with two enhancement shaman spots available.

Raid times that work best for us would be 7 pm EST - 10:30 pm EST due to work schedules.

Anyway, feel free to whisper either of us in game (Caseybear or Beefnuggets) or leave a comment here if you think we'd be a good addition to your team. Thanks for taking the time to read. ^_^

Every Saturday I'll be hosting Open Raids from 9-11pm. This week we are starting with TOES. Laid back fun. You can sign up here:


Saturdays usually aren't the best for us :( but if we ever have a free Saturday we will definitely sign up, thank you!

Does the war only want to play fury?
<DUMPSTER> is currently looking for a few people to fill our 10m gaps. We raid Sun/Mon 7-11pm EST

Let me know if you are interested at all and we can talk more. PST me in game or anyone else in DUMPSTER for that matter. You can also check out our website over at http://dumpsterguild.wix.com/gaming
Mytheious, he just wants to DPS so arms or fury - however tanking occasionally wouldn't be out of the question I'm sure.

Misttr, Unfortunately his shift at work starts right at 11 EST so for that to work he would have to leave the raid 20-30 minutes early :(
you are literally perfect for our raid group and i can give you a starting core spot thehutch#1563 is my battletag hit me up i would love to talk to you

Raid days T/W/T 9pm-12 EST.

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