(A) Ethereal (lvl 25) Guild LF plate tank

Hey guys, it's me again!

Ethereal is currently looking for a few solid reliable people to finish off our core raid group (10 man). We raid wednesday and thursday, from 7 pm to 10 pm SERVER TIME. ATM we're looking for:

  • Plate tank
  • Applicants must:
  • Have better then average knowledge of their class.
  • Have an understanding of raid mechanics
  • 470 ilvl minimum
  • Drama free, and mature.
  • We will offer you: A very active guild with a good sense of community. We're a group of mature players that enjoys playing the game for what its worth. We're not 'hard core' but we enjoy downing bosses, and would prefer to do it with the same people every week. As well as raiding, we also do RBGS, world PVP and host fun events for fabulous prizes.

    Contact xezzu or myself in game if you have any questions!
    Bump, looking for a reliable rdps, hunter pref, but we're open to anything right now.
    Bump :)
    Number 1 lock on stormreaver reporting in babycakes
    Obviously I cant leave Absolution though, just sayin hi <3
    lol hi imp, what's cracking?
    My heart is crackin
    Over you
    such a romantic.
    Just looking for heals now, with a dps offspec. Druid, holy priest or shammy would be nice.
    We're now looking for a Plate-wearing tank. (Blood Death Knight, Protection Warrior, Protection Paladin) of at least ilvl 475. We aren't super progressed, so experience with current raid tiers is not an issue.

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