[A] 16/16+ & 1/12 Group LF Guild on Turalyon

Melee and Ranged DPS Duo with 16/16+ experience and a few class options looking for a 25 man progressing raid group for 5.2.

We are active and knowledgeable players with a general interest in being involved within the guild. You can expect high raid attendance and raid preparation including encounter preparation and food/flasks/pots, etc. We are a duo of long time players looking for a fresh start on Turalyon.

We are looking to find a lively, community focused guild with a mature, drama free atmosphere and progressive PVE. EST/CST evening raid times (6-8 hour raid weeks) with options for guild activities during non-raid times. We are looking for core spots for the pair of us.

We look forward to speaking with you, if you feel we would be a good fit for your guild and vice versa. Battletag: Melissa#1266 or feel free to leave your guild info and/or contact information for us on this thread.

Looks like there might be more than the two of us (as many as 6) looking to move to Turalyon. All 498+ with T14 experience and 1/12 T15. Mostly DPS classes with 2 possible tanks and heals. We'd be looking to find a guild that needs more to fill another 10 man or a 25 man that could absorb us all.

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