<Dawning Nemesis> 3/14HM - LFM Multiple Teams

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Team Scrubs
Recruiting 1 lock/hunter/mage 500+ilvl - Available now
Pally/Disc. Priest 495+ilvl - To Start within the next week
Plate Tanks considered.
Dawning Nemesis is forming a 3rd and 4th raid team after several request and demand for it. We are looking for someone who would be interested in leading the raid team. That person would be given raid leader rank in guild and be expected to help recruit and organize raids for his/her team. Support will be given by guild leadership, but autonomy will be given and not micromanaged.

We already have several people who are in guild and wanting to raid in either raid 3 or 4.

Raid days and times would be up to the raid leader. The raids can range from casual to semi hardcore, it's really up to whoever leads it.

Please contact me in game at the following to discuss further...

Batteltag: Xfinity#1300
We are still looking for one range dps for core raid team. 500+ilvl and 120k+ dps is required. A lock, hunter or druid would round things out nicely for our core team. Contact guild ladership in game or app on dnguild.com
Raid Team 4 is now forming, with a start date of April 5th. This is a new team, and will be starting at the beginning. If you are over 20, like a casual friendly atmosphere, and have a solid understanding of your toon, this might be the group for you. We will raid Fridays and Saturdays, 9 p.m. server. All classes are needed; prefer ranged DPS and really need a hunter.
Raid Team 3: Caustic

Raid Day/Time: Saturday & Sunday (8pm-11pm server)

*A possible third raid day during the week may be added in the future, however; we will stay at 2 days until we get a solid cohesive team.

Current Needs:

Heals: Pally, Monk
DPS: Lock, Mage, FDK
Tank: Blood DK

App on dnguild.com or contact guild leadership if interested
Raid 1: ToT 6/12 (16/16 5HM)

1 Melee DPS (Warrior, Rogue), 500+ ilvl for Raid 1 core 10 man 5.2 progression group. Raid Tues, Wed, Fri 8-11 PM Server Time.
Team 2: 3/12 ToT

LF 1 Plate Tank + 1 Strong tank Healer
New Days Tues/Thurs/Mon 8pm-11:30pm EST.
Team 4 seeks ranged and disc/holy priest. Raiding will start on April 5th, and run every Friday and Saturday, 8 p.m. server start time. Staring with old content MOP, and moving quickly to 5.3 progression raids. Apply dnguild.com
Team 5:

Newly formed progression raid team with 6 members who have raided together for over a year.

Raid nights Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 8:30-11 pm EST.

LF 1 DK or Druid tank (with a dps offspec), windwalker monk, hunter, ele shaman or mage. Must have 495+ ilvl.

Please contact Jaecey or Bearophe.
Raid 1:
ToT 6/12 (16/16 5HM)

Looking for 1 Melee DPS (Warrior, Rogue), 500+ ilvl for Raid 1 core 10 man 5.2 progression group. Raid Tues, Wed, Fri 8-11 PM Server Time.

Multiple positions open in other teams for all specs.

Multiple raid positions are still open for any interested players. Please refer to the OP for open positions.
Team Scrubs
Looking for 1 Tank, DK/Warrior 495+ilvl and 1 Rdps, Hunter/Mage 500+ilvl for ToT progression.
Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 8pm-11:30pm EST.

Ask about our other teams positions.
Raid Team 3: Team Caustic - Sat/Sun 8-11pm

Looking for 2 heals, Pally/Disc prefered. Min ilvl 490+. LF RDPS lock 495+ ilvl for ToT progression.

PST Dyecasted or visit www.dnguild.com for questions

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