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Soooo... My laptop died last week. Just got the package today to send it to the manufacturer to hopefully get repaired. Not sure when it'll get it back.

For awhile I've wanted to build my own computer, but been too hesitant to try. Now with my laptop derping out, this seems like the push I need to go through with it.

I'm more worried about which parts to get rather than actually building it. I was given a recommendation of some parts to get from a website forum, and wanted to ask the tech/pc-savvy folks here for their opinion on it.

Here's the link with the parts:

Any help or opinions with this would be greatly appreciated. I'm going through computer/WoW/Photoshop withdrawal. T.T
Hit up newegg. Socket type on the motherboard has to match the CPU. Ram speed must be compatible with motherboard as well. Video card is cake. HDDs are cake. Power supply should be at least 600 watt, more if you go for beefy graphics cards. Don't go too low on the power supply or it'll have issues.

I'm enjoying my sniper mobo w/ i7 chip.

Edit: Here's what I did.
I've heard different opinions on i5 and i7. Not sure which I should get. I'm probably going to try the list I linked before unless someone has a better idea of what to get.
No need to shell out the extra few hundred for an i7 when you are using it for gaming. An i5 will more than suffice, and you won't miss the difference L2 cache or hyperthreading offered by the i7 (unless you plan on running virtual machines). You can take the extra money saved and apply it to a GPU. You could grab an Nvidia GTX 680 and play everything under the sun on the highest settings.

And do not skimp out on the power supply. I would recommend buying a Corsair, and not getting under 700Watts.

I am a fan of Windows 8, but if you like Windows 7 go with that, this probably matters the least. I would probably make a few different brand choices, but I would have no issues about buying this for myself if I were so inclined (with the exception of the power supply - change this)
OK thanks. What's wrong/good about the current brands? Just curious and wanting to learn.
Nothing wrong with the brands you have chosen, minus the power supply; it is mostly personal preference, having dealt with different companies. I'm generally willing to shell out a little extra to companies that provide above average customer service. Take the video card for example. EVGA is great, and probably the most widely bought video card brand, but I have a preference for MSI. I find their cards more reliable, and their customer service more willing to help with issues. They also have the best overclock software (debatable) for graphics cards.

If you are in Canada, I would recommend for parts.
Also check They tend to have some good deals, you can sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial, which will often give you free shipping, and amazon is AMAZING about refunds/insurance on their products.
I haven't had any trouble with the folks at Newegg, great customer support and even better deals.

I have an Amazon Prime account and when it came time to upgrade my Video Card I still found the card to be cheaper on Newegg even with the free shipping via Amazon.

Also I live in the woods with a long driveway that the post office wont touch and Newegg ships with UPS, who has no problem traversing the wilds to get to my door.

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