Area 52
Can raid most any days. My time zone is PST
Looking for a high pop server
Horde only

What is your /played on your character: Total time played: 240 days, 18 hours, 34 minutes, 59 seconds
Time played this level: 26 days, 14 hours, 33 minutes, 31 seconds

Previous Raiding Experience:
DC: All but 4 bosses
WotkL: Cleared Heroics
Cata: Cleared Most of xpac, tho I did clear DS Heroic

Exalted: Golden Lotus
Exalted: The August Celestials
Exalted: Shado-Pan
Exalted: Klaxxi
Exalted: Dominance Offensive

I do you have a computer capable of handling 25 man raiding. Tho I like 10m more.
I do have a stable internet connection.
I do have Ventrilo, and I have used Mumble
I do have a mic and I am capable of communicating on vent if needed.

My current professions, are JC and Enchanting, for the 2 JC gems and 2 Ring enchants. And the perk is not spending lots of gold on those items for my gear.

Why am I looking for a guild? The guild is moving rather slow, 3 10 man groups and only 1 group with heroics. I am only 5/6 HMSV 4/6 Hof 4/4 ToeS. I want and should be more along. Looking to for a guild that will be done with all nomrals and working on heroics. I am not looking to be sat out, I want to play! I do play my os spec, but only to quest. I no longer want to raid dps, only heals. Only cus my dps set is 486 and I have not raided dps this xpac, and I am pretty sure it would suck.
I'll spare you the great wall of spam, add my BattleTag so we can talk.


dishonored is a 10 man , 3 nights, 3 hours, LF a full time Resto.

I also wont wall spam you, but hit me up and we can talk, we are going to the new raid thursday so you wont be behind.
Immediate core spot available 5/16HM 1/12ToT. Saturday/Sunday evenings. Add me in game balkkii#1214

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