Auction House API Not Working

Website Bug Report

It appears that the auction house API is not working. Going to the below URL produces the following error:

"{"status":"nok", "reason": "Internal server error."}"

This is the same for all realms. The actual auction houses in-game are working, just the API dumps are offline. They were working at ~12AM PST (my programs last grab) Is there an ETA for them to come back online? Anyone else experiencing the same issue?


- Garrison (Vexium)
I made a similar thread in Community Platform API forum, and still no response since last night. The mobile application is bugged for people as well; no response. I'm pretty sure they do not care at this point.
This should be fixed now. Let me know if you have any other issues with other realms or regions.
I am having problems getting my profile and auction is not working

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