Are any guilds planning on forming multitudes of groups to kill him?

The guy has 870M health and shoots out a chain lightning that probably kills 10-15 people every time (50% more damage per jump). It has a 3 second cooldown but he'll be using other abilities so it might kill 15 people once every 10 seconds, maybe more, maybe less.

It probably won't work with only 1-2 40 man groups doing the spread-out strat for chain lightnings since his soft enrage will gradually wipe the group since ilevels aren't high enough to do that much DPS (He increases the damage of his 200k AoE shout by 10% every so often). So if there were 5-6+ 40 man groups set up, it might be possible to zerg him.

Any guilds/players up to the task of setting up this event? (Drops 522 stuff)

We (The Replacements) would be willing to offer 10-12 people to help, however I don't really have the time to coordinate/set it up.
I know I'm in if I'm not raiding when he's up.
Can count several members of Chainfire in as well as long as we're not raiding either.
I´m in as well.
I'm sure if you message a few people from larger guilds you could get a ton of people fast

That name has a nice ring to it, eh?



Yell it louder, baby.
yeah if hes up and were not raiding, im sure just about all of Schisms' raiders will want the kill
And he's dead - one pull nonetheless.
I sware the Knew changes are better i was killing him with 120 peeps and server crashed 3 times!!!!!!I like how they just Nerfed Oondasta only good part about that.
the sever would crash and blizz would wonder whats happening.
this fight is doable with 25 people... and actually easier..

i can solo tank this but im sure most tanks cant unless they are really geared or have the bomb healers..

first rule.. never take him to the GY

Second rule SPREAD OUT... the chain lightning thing wont kill anyone if people spread out.. it gains damage with each person it hits.

3rd... position your OT off to the side in case the MT dies which shouldnt happen. Give MT symbiosis for 25% reduced damage CD and make sure he is topped off just before each frill.

The fight goes like this.. MT takes him and faces away from group.. (straight forward)... but you cant taunt him so the OT needs to be ready to take the MT spot ASAP if MT dies.

everyone else should be behind the boss and spread out..

priests should be bubbling tanks for frill to help out and tanks should be using stam trinks and be pushing for 700k hp while buffed or higher.

i am at 712k hp raid buffed for this fight. so one sinlge guard will make me live through a frill.. and i still have 3 other abilites to survive this blast.. CD's start to become the issue and thats where Symbiosis comes in it pushed me over the threshold to start getting my other CD's back allowing me to continusouly have a CD available for every frill.

thats really all there is to it.. as long as everyone is spread out this fight is a HP / CD / Tank / Helaer encounter and not soo much a dps encounter.

like i said 25 people is enough.. if you have 60+ people out there in diff raid groups one single chain attack will wipe 1/3rd of each raid group if not more. so in this fight... less = more

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