[Guardian] How to Solo: Zandalari Warbringer

Video coming as soon as horde stop trying to gank me. :(

Hey all, since I figured a large portion of us would LOVE to be riding a Dinosaur as soon a possible, here's some tips on how to successfully solo the Zandalari Warbringers. Note I did this in a few pieces of heroic MSV gear from before I stopped raiding and some mostly i376 Raid Finder cat gear mixed with Malevolent, so gear isn't too big an issue.

*DISCLAIMER:*I haven't played Guardian much at all this expansion, just got the spec together for RBGs for next season, so if any veteran Guardians want to fix any Priorities I may have messed up feel free to!

Practice Makes Perfect!
You'll no doubt run into some Zandalari Warscouts while waiting for the spawn area of choice to spawn your Warbringer. These are great mobs for practice with the Warbringers as they have 3 of 5 different random abilities, 4 of which the Warbringer will have.


The Abilities:

-Scarab Swarm: Summons about 10 scarabs. Melee very lightly.
Simply AoE them down, they don't hit hard.

-Meteor Shower: Drops Meteors from the sky in random places, deals ~150k fire damage.
Watch your feet! These can hit very hard, though it's pretty easy to watch where they're coming from if you zoom out your camera.

-Summon Vengeful Spirit: Summons a Vengeful Spirit with quite a bit of HP that lasts roughly 20 seconds. Melees very hard but moves very slowly.
Just root them. If you spec Mass Entanglement it will be up for every cast. If you start running away while it's being cast you can hard cast before the Scout/Warbringer can get in range to melee you.

-Thunder Crush: 3 second cast, deals very high nature damage in an AoE frontal cone.
Don't get hit by this. You can take a hit from it but if you're below 1/2 HP you'll most likely die. If you have to get hit try to pop a CD to take some of the damage from it.

-Horrific Visage: 8s fear. 2s cast. Interruptable.
Just interrupt this. Note Fae Silence does stop the cast however it does not put the ability on CD so you'll need to interrupt it later on.


The Fight
-Check the buffs before you pull (if you can afford to, high pop servers like Darkspear have groups waiting at just about every spawn) so you know what you're looking at for abilities.

-Your best scenario would be: Spirit, Swarm, Thundercrush, Horrific Visage. This would make for the easiest fight as you wouldn't have to be watching your feet a good chunk of the fight.

-Start in cat form and Pounce, toss up a rake and a Faerie Fire if you're specced Fae Silence (15s CD invoked in bear). Throw up Trash as soon as possible for the 10% damage reduction. Continue your usual bear rotation swapping between SD and FR depending on your health conditions/rage.

-Watch for each ability and counter it properly. Make sure to get out of Thundercrush as a priority over everything but Horrific Visage. Specced Mass Entanglement and letting the Warbringer move a bit away from the spirit before using it makes your life very easy for dealing with spirits.

-I prefer Cenarian Ward (especially with the buff it recently got) over NS for this fight as the shorter cooldown helps immensely, healing me for about 80-100k over it's duration.

-Heart of the Wild is a must for this fight, especially if you're on a PvP server. My first kill was nearly denied to me by a DK trying to kill me when the boss was at 500k HP. If you wish you can use HotW in conjunction with your roots/stuns to both heal to full and put out some decent damage in cat form. Only risk cat form while he's stunned as he melees on cat for about 110k.

That's about it! Just keep watching for the abilities, stunning off DR (or to stop a cast you might not be prepared for) and making good use of your self heals and roots. Good luck and have fun!
I have to say, unless you are on a PvP server and need Heart of the Wild (and its 6 minute cooldown), it's really not a must for this fight. Dream of Cenarius is much more helpful by giving you a frequent Healing Touch based on attack power and castable in Bear Form.
Holy necro batman!

OT: On 5.4 gear levels you are able to facetank everything, the spirit hits like wet noodles
As for the Horrific Visage it cant be interrupted on the Warbringer, but can be on the warscounts. I have had the mobs reset on me for this issue. Best thing to do is when you see the warbringer cast Horrific Visage, hit them with thrash/lacerate to keep a bleed on them while you are running in fear. pop Barkskin as well.
I feel bad for this guy. Wrote up a whole guide and didn't get any responses for like 9 months =(

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