Lightning Steel Ingots plans

Can you even get the plan's now? or do we have to wait till the map opens up?
It seems from the little I found, that you need the forge opened to find the item that will give you the plans or the ability to craft the ingots to learn the rest of the plans.
Yes, we "get" to wait for more of the map opened up. Like the 30+ days of cooldowns to make all the lightning steel bars needed for an epic weapon wasn't enough, let's wait another week or whatever before we can even being the journey.
Alchemy will probably have a hand in it since they got Truegold and Living Steel, funny to me now that blacksmith gets Lightning Steel and yet it should be a miner thing.
Alchemy isn't involved this time around.

Saw on Wowhead that the thunder forge area is part 4 of the island unlock. My server is currently at ~20% of part 1. So it's going to be between 5-7 days per unlock it seems?

That puts the thunder forge 3-4 weeks out. Man.
No what's even better is that Alchemy was required to make primal diamonds. Now JC can make Primal diamonds. Yet BS still has to rely on Truegold cooldowns ON TOP of lightning steel cooldowns now.

Don't get me started on how LW and Tailoring get to work on their new items the whole time we're waiting for stage 3 to open up.

I was lucky enough to get the recipe for lightning steel. Had no clue I wasn't supposed to have it, so figured cool I'll have a head start. NOPE! Not only did they remove Itoka, they've blocked my ability to even make the steel now.

Really, apparently this was called an exploit, when all you had to do is take a stroll around the island and there is a ROCK RAMP leading up to a cave that opens into the Itoka area. It's no exploit at all. The ramp was put there intentionally.

It's basically a joke, because anyone that was able to do this for engineering now has access to the new Skyclaw mount. You just have to toss 30 lightning and 30 truesteel at it.

So start saving up your truesteel.

Pissed off.
Thunder, Reborn

Lightning Steel Ingot x 5
Living Steel x 3
Spirit of Harmony x 3

All the reborn weapons require Living Steel. Alchemists still have us by the beard.
It would have been nice if we could create the Dreadful gear at least by using a daily CD. I can understand the weapon plans, but BS get nothing until the map opens up.

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