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Hello everyone, I want to announce my guild is formed, and I am accepting in game requests for admission. I will hold in character auditions for the entertainers, as well as in character interviews for the other positions.

It is basically a guild for leveling and having fun. Not a raiding or progression guild, mainly rp. We will try and get some rules and guidelines set up to give you an idea what we are trying to accomplish.

The guild will consist of entertainers available for singing and storytelling and support characters much like a traveling troupe would need. If you have a unique skill like juggling flaming torches or something fun like fortune telling, come and see me. If you just want to help us level the guild by questing that is fine too.

As soon as I can get a few more members to give a show we will do so. Probably in Iron Forge or Darnassus to keep the rp flowing in all the major cities besides Stormwind. Events like this can be highly entertaining as well as a way to get people involved in realm wide rp.

Come and join us, we are hosting a show almost every evening in the Recluse. Server time is east coast, but we have plenty of people on West coast as well. (me included)
Hey good luck with your guild
I would be more than happy to work with your Horde counterparts from an RP perspective!

I'm afraid I'm booked solid for the time being so I can't offer any help beyond that.

Good luck and keep us posted!
Good luck! I will plug these guys and say I'm sitting next to two of them RPing right now - good, quality RP, too. :)
Oh, I love the idea for this guild! Best of luck to you, Marlyna and I'll be sure to point people in your direction when they're looking for an RP guild ^_^ It's so great to see some of the diversity we're starting to get in Alliance guilds.

Thanks so much for the interest. We are having a little Troubador Night on Friday. I want to see all of you there!! it's at 8 server time. P.M. Invite everyone who is not nailed down. I don't care if you make a new alt to come and see us.

We need more community welcoming events and this is a good way to introduce new people to the server and let them know how fabulous you all are!! It is a simple storytime, music fest. You can bring along your favorite poetry and recite for us or listen to my meager efforts.

If anyone has an off server friend they want to show off and inspire them to come to RH, we need to push this event out there.

I am willing to dedicate every Friday night to this and open it up to friends and family members. Children welcome and be sure to bring your own refreshments. It will be held in the Hall of Explorers, Iron Forge.

If anyone Horde side wants to join us it will have to be on an Alli alt. I can't do anything about those pesty guards!!
Unfortunately, I will most likely not be able to make it. Horde-side, Silver & Silence may be hosting their weekly tavern event in Ratchet at the same time.

If that is canceled, I might be able to pop in on one of my Alliance toons!
Hmm. I do not want to step on any established events. I was told Fridays were open. I suppose we could all go there and start a ruckus...would be a chance to meet some from the other side.

Going to keep it open then and maybe do this next week at a different time? What day would be better?
My deepest thanks and appreciationj to those of you who graced the Hall of Explorers tonight and told stories and laughed and sang with us. I will continue to offer this each week and I am still accepting recruits into the guild!
I'm so sorry I couldn't make this but I had family obligations! Nevertheless, I'm happy to hear that it went well and I'm excited to see your guild grow, Marlyna. Hopefully I'll be able to attend an event some time in the future! ^_^ Until then, best of luck to you!
Marlyna - this is a fantastic initiative! I just wanted to step in to offer a bit more encouragement, I'm so glad you came over to join us on Ravenholdt! Here's to great things ^_^

Also, I finally managed to get to posting on the forums again! *gloriously posts in all the relevant things*
It was a blast and so much inspiration!! I love you guys!!
I've heard great things about this guild. And I think there's so many interesting avenues for growth. I can't wait to work with you and your guild, ICly! ^_^

I need more people!! Or dwarves, or gnomes, or draenei, or anyone!! I am singing and Caynes is telling tales, but we need more entertainers and support people!
So quiet!! This is very disheartening.
Best of luck to you!

It's really a shameless bump, but it's a cool guild idea. I can picture it in my mind, something like Dana Delaney in Tombstone with her crew of entertainers trying to bring beauty into a cruel world, yes?
I heard they have fireworks sometimes...

...not sure if I'll be there tonight, Alkaid said something about a fight in Kalimdor, I might have to check that out instead...
So quiet!! This is very disheartening.

Please don't be disheartened. Keep up your enthusiasm! Things tend to happen on Ravenholdt in spastic bursts of frenetic proliferations of creativity, which are sometimes separated by disconcertingly long time periods.
Quality over quantity. The first couple of months can be difficult for new guilds. But we will keep directing people your way and hopefully you'll see steady growth! I love this guild idea =)
I tried to partake in the show, but the arena queues were too quick last night. Lol.

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