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The present of this story occurs soon after the incarceration of Deathwing. Now that the Shattering has passed, focuses on territorial and political matters are resurging once again in both the Horde and the Alliance.

An unnamed, elite special organization group of the Alliance has just received word from one of its scouts that a looming threat might be in store for their faction. The rumor was heard from the mouth of an orc that accompanied Garrosh Hellscream during his brief stay in Orgrimmar. Disguised, the scout returned to Stormwind to inform the organization. However, little is known about what the Horde have in store for the Alliance, for Hellscream soon left the city, as the scout reports. Therefore, informing the King of Stormwind of this news without some certainty is impractical.

It is now the group's job to continue their investigation of the mysterious plot. Whatever the plan, the organization must act fast.


The Rise of Strife focuses on the post-apocalyptic events of Azeroth. It will begin some time before Theramore's Fall and end near the discovery of Pandaria. This RP will definitely follow the course that the lore itself has taken, while adding details to the "grey areas".

I have drafted a plan for this storyline so as to maintain a sense of direction; therefore, I will sometimes post as my character, and at other times I will post as the narrator/other characters to keep the story moving (if necessary). Whatever the case, I will make sure the switches are distinguishable.

This RP is open to both the Horde and Alliance, though I will be accepting more Alliance than Horde for obvious reasons. Please keep in mind that the Horde will play a much more minor role in this RP than the Alliance. If anyone wishes to join with one Horde and one Alliance character, then that is alright (so long as I approve the applications.) But the Horde will only make their appearance/influence when the organization comes into contact with them.

I am accepting applications based on:

• Plausibility of your character; in other words, how realistic your character is in regards to the lore.
• Grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Sorry, but this is an important one. (I'm not asking for English majors, though.)
• Creativity and/or effort - must be clear that you have put a decent amount of effort into developing/creating your character

• Follow the general guidelines of this forum.
• Keep to the established lore.
• Do not apply if you are going to give up on the RP.
• Respect others while OOC.
• Do not god mode.

Character Roster
Ratheron/Ashoc as "Alaric Morgan" (Alliance, captain of the organization)
Derrekk as "Derek Harrington" (Alliance, vice captain of the organization)
Seyl as "Connika Sparkwrench" (intellectual/interpreter of the organization)
Veothore/Veptember/Vexzo as "Veothore Duerron" (intellectual/interpreter of the organization)
Veothore/Veptember/Vexzo as "Elwynn Ebonlocke" (scout of the organization)
Fluency as "Tohrm" (scout of the organization)
Xanniellivan as "Nadra Ka'thos" (scout of the organization)
Lynara as "Lynara Leafblade" (scout of the organization)
Liå as "Perfection 'Angi' Lionsheart" (scout of the organization)
Waraila as "Waraila" (Horde civilian)

My main goal for this roleplay is to have fun and create a spectacular story along with my fellow RPers. Please sign up if you're interested and I will make sure to get back to you ASAP. :)
Reserved. What exactly are you looking for in the position of Vice Captain on the Alliance side and for the Orgrimmar Guards? I have two characters I might bring to RP here and I only want to bring one, if you could give a bit more detail I'll be able to decide which to sign up.
I shall reserve as well.
@Ratheron: The vice will be like a "back up" should anything ever happen to the captain and will play a role in keeping the group alive. His duty is also to be a mentor and a watchman (there will be a few instances where that will be necessary.)

The Orgrimmar guards will have less to do in this RP. They will be expected to guard the city at all times to the best of their ability. But, again, they will not be as directly involved in the main plot as the Alliance. I encourage you to apply for an Alliance and a Horde role, if you wish. Best of both worlds.

@Shadowark: Please remember to apply with your character's information and your desired role :-)
Could I just reserve a spot on the Alliance side (Alliance Scout or Alliance Vice captain, depending on how I feel once I get down to business writing up a character). It won't be long before I submit a character, but I'm currently busy with Isle of Thunder dailies.

BTW I love your armor, I have the same on my hunter :D
Yeah, no problem :) and thanks!!! lol
Excellent! Incoming two sign ups!

Name: Alaric Morgan
Race: Human
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Faction: Alliance
Class: Paladin
Rank: Knight-Lieutenant

Physical Description: Alaric is a six foot tall 225 pound solidly built male who's slightly tanned skin shows that he has spent a lot of time outside in the sun. He is made up of both lean and large muscle, depending on the muscle group (arms and back large due to swinging his mace; legs leaner from running and standing during combat). He is a blonde blue eyed human, though his eyes are a darker shade of blue, he has only one noticeable scar which goes from the base of his left ear down his jaw-line to his Adam's Apple.

Equipment: Alaric is armed in Elementium armor that has been forged into a gold color, his right pauldron sweeping up into the wing of a dragon. He does not wear a helmet, as he prefers to leave his face completely open. The armor looks like Season 11 Paladin PvP armor yet the coloring is gold. For his weapon Alaric uses a two-handed mace named Mercy that is the same design as the Hammer of the Naaru, the weapon was given to him for his service during the invasion of Outland for examplary service on the Stair of Destiny. Other than that Alaric carries a small first aid kit to supplement his minor knowledge of the healing arts.

Background: Alaric Morgan was born to a middle-class family, his life a normal one as he grew up in Stormwind the son of a minor gem merchant. His life was a good one, he learned how to be a good man and because he was mostly sheltered from the tragedy around him he was an idealistic young man. His parents brought him up in the Church of the Holy Light, staunch believers in the Light's power themselves they were thrilled when their son was chosen to train as a paladin under the guidance of the senior paladins.

On Alaric's 19th birthday he was inducted as a paladin into the Order and given over to serve under Ashok Longshadow, both had just been assigned to the Alliance Expedition to Outland and as the forces of the Alliance found themselves on Outland Ashok and Alaric were forced to defend the Dark Portal using their strength as holy warriors to fight off the demons that assaulted the Stair of Destiny. It was Alaric's first real taste of war and though it might have turned him cynical it did not. He remained idealistic, believing that the world was a good place and that they would triumph over evil in the end.

Following their service on the Stair of Destiny Ashok and Alaric parted ways, the former heading to the Isle of Quel'Danas and the latter heading to Shadowmoon Valley. They would not see each other again for a long time while. Following the war against Illidan and the Burning Legion Alaric was sent to Northrend to fight against the Lich King yet he was sent to join the Argent Crusade, working under the banner of neutrality and so he never gained the hate against the Horde.

Alaric continued to fight with the Crusade through the Cataclysm, choosing to leave only after Wyrmrest Temple came under attack and he left with a group of the Crusade to defend it from Deathwing and his minions. Now Alaric has yet again returned to active service within the Alliance military, regarding Garrosh's warmongering with contempt. Alaric fights only to see peace return to his shattered home so that people can once again rebuild from all the tragedy that has struck.
((Is our position elective, or do you sort us after we sign up? If it’s elective then I’d like to be vice-captain of the Alliance, if it isn’t already taken.))

Name: Derek Harrington

Age and Gender: 41, Male

Race and Class: Worgen Rogue

Height and Weight: 6’2” (Worgen 7’10”), 187lbs (Worgen 256lbs)


His hair is close cut and black, and he has a short beard and mustache, also black, with brown eyes. His face is usually set with a mask of indifference, but with an ever-present scowl. His skin is lightly tan, but still fairly pale. A trio of claw-marks mar his left cheek and he also has a few battle scars along his arms and hands, but they don’t stand out to the point of disgust. He is tall and lean, with long arms and legs.

Worgen: Derek has dark grey fur and brown eyes. He has a lean, agile form and an impressive height. His ears have a few nicks, but are otherwise whole and straight. He has no excess facial hair to speak of. A trio of claw marks mar his left cheek and there are also a few battle scars along his arms and legs.

Weapons/armor: Derek wields ornate twin daggers that he keeps as polished and sharp as possible, applying poison frequently. He wears a mask to conceal his identity and doesn’t ever wear capes, due to their hindrance of his movement. His upper body is covered by a black leather chest-plate, shoulder guards and gloves, all accented by red trim. His claws poke through the leather gloves. He wears leather breeches which are black. For the most part, his armour is more for utility than decoration. Derek only wears boots in his human form.

Brief Rundown of Skills and Experience: When he was a Gilnean noble, he practiced Alchemy and gathered his own herbs. After the Cataclysm and Forsaken catastrophic effects on Gilneas, he lost his fortunes and resorted to pickpocketing and theft in Stormwind. He was eventually caught, but to pay off his sentence, he was trained by SI:7 to be a rogue and fight for the Alliance. After being released from servitude he became a mercenary, until he rejoined the SI:7- willingly this time- after the end of the Cataclysm. He is currently a skilled rogue and alchemist.

History: Derek Herrington of the Noble House Herrington was a wealthy nobleman of Gilneas, who resided in a grand estate located in the mountains west of Gilneas City. He was unmarried and without children, and his only interests consisted of acquiring wealth and disposing of those who threatened said wealth. While not all of his business was done through honest work, he did make a small fortune from concocting and selling medicines, tonics and poisons. During the Northgate Rebellion, he openly sided with Greymane, but secretly sold weapons and supplies to Crowley, because Gilneas’ isolation had limited his dealings to only those within Gilneas.

As it was with the majority of Gilneas, Derek lost very much to the worgen outbreak. His estate was sacked, and he was turned worgen, forced to rely on others to regain his humanity. He was humiliated by what had transpired, and left his saviors behind to salvage what remained of his wealth. He found little, besides a small sum of gold, only enough to survive for a few months at best, and an old ring that he refused to sell. After the Forsaken invaded, he left Gilneas along with many of its citizens and traveled to Stormwind. He spent the following month pickpocketing on the streets of Stormwind to get gold for food and shelter. He was caught by the SI:7, but instead of imprisoning him, the agent inducted him into their ranks, seeing Derek as a potential asset rather than a petty thief.

After he had served for the required time, Derek took his newfound skills and honed them, becoming a mercenary to get more gold. Over the following months, Derek acquired a sense of honor, and a newfound loyalty to the Alliance. And so it was, only weeks after Deathwing’s defeat, that Derek rejoined the SI:7, performing some of the more dangerous tasks in order to better improve his standing with the organization.
@Ratheron: Accepted! Which role do you want, though?

@Derrekk: It's elective; I don't want to be too restricting when it comes to the roles. You're accepted as the vice captain if Ratheron does not want the position. I think it would make more sense for his character to have it because of Derek's shady history in comparison to Alaric's.

If he decides to be something else, the role is definitely yours. :-)
I agree that Ratheron has first dibs. I suppose I chose vice-captain so that Derek would have some responsibility while not having enough power to do something stupid like invade Orgrimmar. He's pretty pro-alliance/anti-horde- he hates the forsaken and anyone who allies themselves with them.
Ratheron: Accepted! Which role do you want, though?

I could actually see Alaric as Captain unless you are planning on playing that role, in which case I see him as Vice-Captain. Sorry about that Derrekk haha :3
Hey I don't have a problem with that. Paladins are better leaders- vice leaders- than rogues anyway.
It's settled, then - Alaric is captain and Derek is vice captain.
(P.S. It's funny you mention that, Derrekk - I think your rogue will be quite happy in the near future *hint hint*)

Here are my two characters:

Character name: Elwynn Ebonlocke
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Role: Scout
Age: 28
Description: Elwynn was raised amongst the governing body of Darkshire. His father is the mayor of the town, and his younger sister formed a militia known as "The Night Watch" to keep the people of Darkshire safe from the mass of hostile beasts and undead. By his 17th birthday, he concluded he wanted to join the Stormwind army to attempt to regain the duties of its soldiers to the nearby hostile zones. This desire sprouted from his own experience with the threatening monsters of Duskwood. He promised his father that he'd triumph in reallocating Alliance soldiers to the army-deprived zones around the Kingdom some time after his decision.

The paladin now serves as a scout in an elite special organization group of the Alliance.

Appearance: Elwynn possesses a sharp, angular face and a large, muscled body. His fair skin seems to be the only thing that contrasts with the black armor and clothing that makes him immediately recognizable. His dark hair falls in streaks upon his face, and his grey eyes make him unarguably intimidating.

More about Elwynn:


Character name: Veothore Duerron
Race: Human
Class: Mage
Role: Intellectual; interpreter
Age: 30
Description: Veothore has always been well-off. He was born into a family that made their residence in the frozen beauty of Dun Morogh. There, his parents held positions as patrols and guards. The mage did not attend school; rather, he learned what he could from his own parents, those around him, and his books. Although he is a mysterious man, he is warm and possesses a honed mental agility.

Veothore is the "hermit" of the elite group; that is, he is the one that usually stays within the organization's base at Stormwind, reading or practicing magic.

Appearance: He is somewhat rugged, often seen wearing a navy blue robe. His build is fair, derived mainly from some strenuous physical work done in his youth. His hair is dark brown and drops near his shoulders.
Paladins! Paladins everywhere! It's like you people are out to get rogues! :P

Anyway, I'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of more rpers and then the start of the rp.
Hehe, yeah, sorry about that :D if it makes you feel any better, I have no idea how to play a paladin in the game.

And same here. I hope that others become interested and decide to join.
I have a pally at 85... he used to be a belf but the I converted him to humanism
Should be a fun RP.

Looking forward to it starting and Paladin tanks are the best :3

I must admit, I've been out of the RP scene for a while now. My intimate grasp on the lore fell to tatters half-way through Cataclysm. However when this RP popped up I started my research and I think a nice, structured Closed RP is just what I need.

I was tempted to apply for the 'Intellectual' position, but having been out of practice for a while, in addition to being unsure of my reliability (I should definitely be able to post at least once per day though), I've decided to just go for one of the Organisation Scouts. I will throw an application up as soon as I can. This looks really promising, I hope to live up to your expectations.

Question, would a Draenei Shaman be acceptable for a scout in this organisation. He'd be mostly physical-combat based, but occasionally ask for elemental aid. I was thinking roughly enhancement Shaman to put it in more understandable terms, although Tracker/Spiritualist would be more accurate.
Yep, that would definitely work! Just get your application in whenever you can :)

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