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Character name: Tohrm
Race: Draenei
Class: Shaman
Role: Organisation Scout
Age: Draenei; (Although, behaviour, mannerisms, physical ability and wisdom reflect that of a human reaching the latter end of their prime: Roughly 45).
Physical Appearance: Tohrm wears his skin like an age-worn canvas of leathery flesh, treated to many long years of enduring weather and combat. This canvas is stretched tautly over his bones, painted in a dark blue and marked with thousands of proud and shameful stories. With the aid of his recent affiliation with the elementals of Azeroth, it works to protect him from most glancing blows as any set of good leather armour would. Yet apart from its natural toughness, it falls slightly short of the bulk and breadth of many Draenei warriors and instead makes up in agility and flexibility.

Atop this aged and honed body sits a chiseled head. In a typical Draenei manner, Tohrm's features are strong and squared, like canals indented into his flesh. Short, ashy hair falls lightly down to the top of his neck. From his proudly borne forehead plate extends two conservative yet sharp and curved horns. The grooves and knuckles of his features follow down from his crown, dancing patterns across his glowing azure eyes, and petering out atop his nose and throughout his cheekbones.

Four knotted, worn and muscular tendrils hang from his jaw, framing his figure.

Equipment: Tohrm takes a minimalist approach to possessions. A set of light cloth and padded leather clothing, stained with dirt and torn in several places, hand-repaired in many others. A leather belt fitted with many slots and pockets, full of many different reagents and ingredients, most of which he keeps in individual bags or satchels. Finally, a strong jacket of leather with more pockets and a thick hood. All leather is brown through dye and dirt, cracked, overused and over-repaired.

Tohrm also keeps a few small crafting tools on his being, a skinning knife and a small hammer. In addition, a mace clearly intended for combat hangs from his clothing. It however, as explained in the skills section, is used far more rarely than other means of combat. Tohrm also tends to keep totems of the elemental spirits, usually gathered from whatever area he is currently active in.

Skills: Tohrm is a warrior-shaman, a Draenei gifted with the ability to commune with the spirits. In a relationship of respect and reverence, Tohrm calls upon small favours from the elementals to imbue his body with their timeless strength and endurance. Apart from these small physical boons however, it is rare that Tohrm will ask for any great aid. It would require much meditation and reason to be granted such a gift.

Tohrm is tough, agile and skilled in the martial arts. While his combat style often involves more strength than finesse, the elemental boon of power allows him to strike weighted blow after weighted blow. In short and rare bursts he may synthesize with the elemental power bestowed upon him and call on blasts of elemental energy, although that usually requires he reach a stage of combat fluency in which the elemental strength boon and his attacks are in synchronicity.

Tohrm possesses several utility skills, such as cooking (but mostly trail food), first aid (although rarely practiced on others), tracking and an adept knowledge of plants and herbs.

History: Tohrm's history extends far into the past of his people, and follows along a similar vein to the rest of them. Only did he break from the norm once the Exodar collided with Azeroth and sent his people into a crisis of purpose. While many of the shamanistic people of his race worked to soothe and apologize to the land of Azuremyst and the rightly dubbed Bloodmyst, Tohrm traveled to the mainland to seek the unperturbed spirits of Azeroth.

Although, wherever Tohrm traveled he often found anxious and troubled spirits. Some were straight out hostile, some were wounded, and some were in dire situations. Tohrm made it his duty to aid their struggles wherever he could. This duty brought him to the center of Kalimdor and the endless plains of the Barrens. He worked for months in an environment he grew to love.

Eventually however, the spirits revealed other shaman and elemental worship within Kalimdor. Unfortunately, with Tohrm's people signing themselves up to the Alliance, it became complicated for him to engage with the Horde shaman. Eventually he proved himself to the spirits in the Barrens, however his efforts to develop a relationship with the Horde continued to fail. These efforts were soon met with open hostility.

Tohrm returned to the Ashenvale Forest, avoiding the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance and eventually finding members of the Earthen Ring, to which he aided to the best of his ability. Tohrm would still far more often work alone, and while he offered his aid to neutral organisations, eventually he found himself wandering more. His leniency towards the Horde also began to slip as ages went past. It was rare to find an Orc that would talk first and throw punches second.

With the Cataclysm, the Shattering, Tohrm felt a rift like a jagged nail drive through his mind and heart. Based in Ashenvale, Tohrm was caught up in the struggle for resources. He could only watch as the Horde shaman abused their relationship with the elements, and used their powers for malefic consequences, burning, destroying, killing, rending and tearing. He lost his balance and deep fury burned within him like untapped magma. Many Orcs died from his bare hands in the following weeks. Even his allies gave him a wide berth.

Since then, Tohrm regained a semblance of balance, but something deep within him still hangs, unhinged. Fury, in the form and earth and fire still rages within him. He is prone to anger and aggression, although the cooling effects of water provide rare relaxation and a good knock to the head will send him out of a bloodrage. He traveled far to Stormwind, and sought to bring his considerable strength under the fold of some leadership. This would, ideally, prevent his mind being lost to inconsequential bloodlust.

((2/2: Let me know if this is alright! I will be happy to adapt/change things. ))
Excellent! Accepted. Welcome to the RP! :)
I have a horde based character (druid) that might fit in, she's neutral though pretty much... or more accurately apathetic about the Horde and Alliance as organisations in general. I don't plan for her to be too involved given I have pandaria plans but this rp could fit in the time between the fall of deathwing and the beginning of mists.

It would be good to get back into rp again if only as a minor part in the overall RP :) I can post a sign up for waraila later if you want?
Yeah, sure! But like I said, Horde characters will play very small roles in this RP. There will only be one Horde that shall affect a certain part of the story; but if you want that role, I will have to discuss it with you (preferably in-game) to see if you'd be up to it.
Ok Here is the signup. If you want to discuss it, I'll be ingame around 7pm est onwards. (I don't want to put my battletag on the forums).

Name: Waraila Wildrunner
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Tauren
Class: Druid
Faction: Cenarian Circle.

A black mane surrounds a lionlike face, white marks faded with time streak her muzzle, and bright green eyes watch her surroundings. From her head dark horns potrude, mirroring the pride all taurens have regarding their horns that she keeps them in her preferred form. Dark reddish brown fur covers the rest of her powerful frame, although on her left shoulderblade, the once faded mark of the cenarian circle is bright against her red fur despite the fact her body is marred by the scars of old battles and skirmishes she had the misfortune to be involved in.

When she is in her true Tauren form, her short downy fur is remarkably similar in colouration to that of her cat form, as is her dark mane. However her eyes couldn't be more different, instead of the intense green of her cat form, they are instead a calm brown. Her horns are slightly more modest in her nomal form, with them short and framing her face. She stands at 6 1/2 ft tall, and wears simple leather clothing. She also carries a simple stave. Her neck though is marred by a deep and messy scar, that is visible in both of her forms.. a legacy of more recent conflict.

Waraila was brought up in the harsh time when the Centaur were hunting her kind to extinction. Despite this, her clan continued to try to survive, mostly sucessfully until Thrall and his Horde drove the Centaur away. In the peace that followed her clan settled down in Mulgore, tending farms and hunting to contribute to the supplies needed for their kin in the newly created Thunder Bluff.

Not content with a quiet life, and feeling the call of something she couldn't name, she began to follow the newly rediscovered arts of the druid, finding an affinity with the wild cats of the plains of Mulgore.

As she left home she travelled in service to the Horde, as a courier and scout, in an effort to defend the Tauren people and their allies in the only way she knew how, which led her to outland to fight against the incursions of the burning legion, and more recently in Northrend against the Lich King. Working as a scout for the Horde army she was assigned to the Borean Patrol by her superiors a task she came to enjoy with the company of honourable members of both the Horde and Alliance.

However events soon led to the disbandment of the Patrol and her views of working with the Allliance were deemed traitorous. Once the patrol was disbanded she continued to work in Northrend for the Horde, but she was trusted less by her superiors and sent on more suicidal missions. Once the Horde army returned to Kalimdor she resigned and went home to Mulgore to visit family and decide what to make of her path.

That peace was not to be. With the death of Cairne, the Grimtotems staged a bloody coup in Mulgore. During the attack on Bloodhoof village she, along with many others barely escaped with their lives. Moving to Camp Taurajo in the Barrens to escape the memories and to heal she soon began to hear the wardrums once again as the Alliance began to invade the peaceful plains. However she didn't heed them, disillusioned with the new Horde leadership she remained with her people, until the massacre by the Alliance. Now disillusioned with both Factions she is a member of the Cenarian Circle, trying to heal the land after the Cataclysm.
I'd like to apply.

Name: Nadra Ka'thos
Race and class: Draenei hunter
Sex: Female
Role: Scout
Age: Adult
Bio: Unfortunately, Nadra knows little to nothing about her own life prior to the Exodar's crash at Azuremyst Isle. The draenei there that were able-bodied enough to take care of her did so, but were ultimately unable to restore her memory. Not only that, but the crash had wounded Nadra physically. Her broken thighs were fixed by the draenei medics. The scars enveloping her hips and upper body, however, were not.

After witnessing the destruction Deathwing caused at Stormwind City, she decided to no longer waste time in decoding the life she had forgotten. Although troubled, Nadra took it upon herself to fight for the Alliance and put down the ruthless Horde. This decision had also been surged by the hostility of the blood elves in Azuremyst Isle. Their evils did not go unheard or unseen during her stay at Kalimdor.

Although Nadra's forgetfulness and accompanying lack of direction has tolled upon her personality, she strives to be happy and just. However, she cannot help but feel somewhat torn from the rest of society.

Nadra's pet is a warp stalker, one she had acquired during a camping trip at Terokkar Forest. Its name is Telaar.

Appearance: Nadra is heavily scarred from her hips to her shoulders. However, she usually keeps these scars under clothing and armor. Her brown hair falls to her shoulders, and her horns spread out horizontally from her stony forehead.

Her eyes glow white as characteristic of most, if not all, draenei.
This has tickled my interest...but before I post anything, I'd like to just check if oddball characters are okay? I have a gnome that I'd like to apply with, but she's...well...a bit crazy. The funny sort of crazy, not just plain crazy mind. I tend to use her more for comedic relief in actual ingame RP, but she does have a serious side, I promise.
Name: Lynara Leafblade
Age: 10,128
Gender: Female
Race: Night Elf
Class: Sentinel
Role: Organisation Scout
Appearance: Lynara stands at Seven feet even. Her build is lean and muscular, with rather feminine curves. Her hair goes just past her shoulders and is a light blue. Her skin has a pinkish hue to it, while her eyes are a brilliant silver color. Her left eye is covered by an eye patch with a scar leading from it across the left side of her head.

Equipment: Lynara wears tight leather armor with plate covering her vital areas. She wields a well-crafted bow and a single handed short sword for close combat.

History: Lynara began to train as a Priestess of the Moon because she had a deep love of Elune, and wanted to truly serve their Goddess. She was striving to be as great a priestess as she possibly could. Until the day the Highborne and their beloved Queen Azshara nearly destroyed them all by summoning the burning legion. She was the only one from her temple to escape the rampaging demons that were sweeping through the world like locusts.

She joined with the Keldorei resistance and fought against the demons. After the terrible sundering of Azeroth she joined the Sentinels and par took the 10,000 year long vigil over Hyjal and the world tree.

After the conflict against the Orcs in Ashenvale that resulted in noble Cenarius’ Death. She became an avid supporter of Tyrande’s decision to oust the outlanders. She fought vigorously against the horde incursions into Ashenvale leading ambushes and vigorous counter attacks against the horde as well as information gathering missions and sabotage.

Fueled by a deep seeded hatred for orcs Lynara will do nearly anything to ensure their explosion from her people’s ancient lands.
Oh nice, getting to RP with Lynara and Seyl again. Should be fun.
@Xan and Lynara: Accepted :)
@Seyl: Yes, definitely! Sounds like a great idea to have some comic relief in the organization, actually.
Oh nice, getting to RP with Lynara and Seyl again. Should be fun.

Yeah seems a lot of the older rpers are crawling out of hiding to take part in this thread :)

./slinks back into her dark corner.
03/10/2013 04:43 PMPosted by Waraila
Oh nice, getting to RP with Lynara and Seyl again. Should be fun.

Yeah seems a lot of the older rpers are crawling out of hiding to take part in this thread :)

./slinks back into her dark corner.

*crawls out from under rock* "Perhaps" *crawls back under*
Name: Connika Sparkwrench
Race: Gnome
Age: 43
Sex: Female
Faction: Alliance
Class: Mage
Role: Intellectual/Interpreter

Connika appears to be a gnome of typically high spirits, often seen with a smile on her face and curious, wandering eyes. Her reddish-pink hair is tied back neatly in a long tail - unbound it could easily reach down to her knees.

Connika likes to wear robes with many pockets sewn into them, which contain various arcane reagents and herbs. They fit snugly enough that she doesn't have to worry about walking around without tripping. Contained within these pockets, among other things, appears to be a near-endless supply of Pandaren ales, and a small jade oozeling she creatively calls Biscuit - which lives off of biscruit crumbs. How she manages to carry beer in robe pouches is a secret she's not telling.

Connika's voice is unusually high pitched, even for a gnome. She masks this with her special talent - that of mimicry. Put in a room to listen to someone for a few minutes, she can copy their voice with uncanny accuracy. Her 'typical' voice is that of a human singer she listened to in Ironforge one time, and the rich voice sounds very out of place on a gnome.


Born to a family of engineers, Connika sadly lacked the talent of her parents to follow in their footsteps, and spent some time trying to find something she was good at in order to do her family proud. After accidentally electrifying her father's mechanostrider through an 'awakening' of her latent magical ability, she found her calling and was sent to train under the Kirin Tor, having shown promise enough - and needing the training to avoid wrecking more equipment.

The Kirin Tor treated her well and found the young gnome to have a sharp but inquisitive mind. Her training was interrupted when the Scourge rampaged through Dalaran, and with the Kirin Tor devastated, the gnome decided to return home rather than get in the way with her limited abilities.

Back in Gnomeregan, Connika earned her own surname, inventing the 'sparkwrench' after a lot of trial, error, and self-electrocution. She and her family were fortunate enough to escape the city's downfall, having been visiting the dwarves of Ironforge at the time. They stayed and aided the High Tinker in founding Tinker Town, but then decided that the gnomish race should venture out into the world at large, settling down in Menethil Harbor.

Connika lived peacefully in Menethil for a few years, practising her magic in controlled situations, and finding that magic and cooking actually mixed well. She became a good cook, to the pleasure of the dwarves that stopped by to chat.

Naturally, it didn't take too long for Connika's inquisitive nature to blossom into wanderlust, and she left home to 'see the sights' - which generally involved drinking contests with dwarves. Her keen mind and skill with illusions and frost magic were eventually taken note of by several Alliance groups. She turned most of them down, of course. But one night of heavy drinking, the 'yes' response slipped out. Connika is determined to make the best of what she thinks is a bad situation - provided there's beer.
I might throw in a reserve here as well. Hope that's okay.
@Seyl: Accepted! :)
@Liå: No problem.

EDIT: After this last position is filled, we'll be starting the RP this Tuesday at 4:00 PM est if it's alright with you all. You don't need to be posting right on the dot, but some time after 4 PM on Tuesday would be great. I'm not going to begin it right away so that others that might be busy can have some time to stop by and read this. I will push it to Wednesday or Thursday if any of you need until then. :)
Lia, Waraila, Distro, Seyl. This is getting very familiar! :P

That time to start works with me, plenty of time to write my introduction before Uni that day. Or after Uni. I can't wait, I am very excited to start.
Lia, Waraila, Distro, Seyl. This is getting very familiar! :P

I blame Waraila.

She comes in to my room and off-handedly mentions an RP she signed up for that she thinks is 'interesting' (which is battle-kitten speak for just about everything she likes). And then I of course had to find out what she was on about this time. And here I am.
I really owe it to Waraila. :) She's been very kind and helpful.

P.S. For anyone interested in knowing where the organization's base is set, it is the house right across from "Limited Immunity" in Old Town, near the fountain.

I've also made a layout of the inside:

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