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Just remember to get to ashenvale, you're going to have to cross that massive hole in the ground that splits the southern barrens from the northern ones... and then get past the Horde front on the border with Ashenvale ;)

I'm still trying to think of a random filler post for orgrimmar though ... I really should go sit in org for a while ...see if that helps but I absolutely hate that place lol.
Yes, I was wondering what to do to get the group across that chasm but I think I'll let the members decide for themselves.
I'm kinda waiting for everyone to finish getting through the portal before I post.

I can post anyway, if need be.
bah you all and your lack of mounts.
so you want me to lead us all the way to Ashenvale then?
so you want me to lead us all the way to Ashenvale then?

It would appear so :3
Question: are you still accepting sign-ups?
Question: are you still accepting sign-ups?

Nope, we closed sign-ups a while ago.
I'll probably throw up a post today if things haven't moved along. Usually, I find it detrimental to thread health if you wait for every individual to catch up to the present before continuing. Usually it's best, I find, to move along at a steady pace, and then the slower of the posters will catch up when they can.
if you want me to go any farther let me know ill edit my post.
Ack, I knew I forgot something.

Sorry, I'll post tomorrow when I'm more awake.
Hey folks. Sorry for the bluntness, but it's been six days since any of you posted in the IC thread; some of you haven't replied in more than a week. When I made this RP I made it clear that I expected everyone (except Waraila) to post at least once every two days. But, I agreed to be more lenient about that because it was a rather inflexible rule.

I'm not taking your lack of involvement personally. I simply want to know now if you all are still willing to take part in this RP. I'm just not sure if I'm willing to wait around for so long for one single post, I'm sorry. To be frank — I don't think anyone here would appreciate that, especially if you put lots of effort into planning and creating a decent RP and then receive slow and rather unmotivated input from others who are apparently willing to take part in it. It's not very hard to post once every three or four days (especially since I know you are all regularly on these forums), and I said from the start that I expected frequent activity.

If you all are still interested in this RP, I will accept waiting a week for each person's IC reply. But I'm not going to stretch it any further, and I think that is rather fair enough.
Vep, as thread creator you're also responsible for moving the plot along when it gets slow... although tbh one glaring problem was the idea of going to Theramore in order to get to Orgrimmar which added a lot of extra travel time to get to the main part of the plot...

And that stalls people for ideas. When things get murky like that, then the person who is in charge needs to get them back on track... ;)
Yeah, but I'm trying to find a happy medium between moving along the story myself and letting everyone else move it along. Right now, for example, I don't know if I should skip further along where the group has gotten closer to their destination, or to leave it as it is now and allow us to go at another pace. I've been getting different opinions on that (slow it down a bit to allow for interaction v. hurry it along to keep it going), so I'm a little confused about that to be honest.

I apologize if I misunderstood it all, I still have a lot to learn about leading an RP. The fact that no one has said anything in almost a week has just made me wonder if there is still interest in this.
I wasnt comfortable with having to lead the group from theramore all the way to Ashenvale in stonetalon mountains. That is a long journey lorewise, not like in game where you can get there in like 5 min.
Sometimes threads just dry up, I'm not entirely sure why. I've had three-four-five awesome threads that have died, sometimes I assume it's due to lack of interest, sometime's bad-luck. They rely heavily on momentum, and when it starts to peter out it usually can't be helped.

I'm sorry that this seems to have dried up. I tried to post when I could but it got to the point where nobody else was doing anything and it sort of stopped. If I had to give one piece of advice that might have prevented it in this case, it's:

When running a thread, you need to have OOC -and- IC authority. You have to be leading the thread on both fronts or the story wont go where you want it to go. People don't like having to travel/make decisions for a thread they don't run. Sometime's they're unsure of what the plan is, sometimes they just want to do reactive posting. So, my advice in the future would be to you yourself play the leading role.

But don't get disheartened. Threads die all the time, it's unavoidable. You managed to get a nice little thread running, interest a bunch of high-level RPers with your plot and keep it running a little while. Sorry Vep. I did enjoy this while I was going, but we got to Theramore and without guidance we sort of got lost.
@Fluency: Hey, it was a learning experience. I don't regret it. I really should have taken up the lead role so that it hadn't become so unorganized - there were obviously lots of things I should have done better - bad moves/lack of experience on my part. Thanks for the great advice/support. :)

I think I will write out the RP as I planned it and post it in this forum as a story.
I wish you luck in writing it, I've attempted to do that with all my RPs that end up not quite making it, but I'm bad at commitment. >.<

Thanks for the thread Vep, you really got me interested in/excited for lore I previously didn't care too much about.

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