<H> Unholy DK LF raiding guild

as title suggests im a UH/F dk looking for a steady raiding guild to join for active progression. Very laid back and raid aware. My best days to raid are mostly adaptable to guilds current times. PvE is lacking at 487 but currently my raid is stuck at 4/6 MV and 1/6 HoF and would love to see the rest of the raids. Very class knowledgable and always checking for latest theorycrafting on min-maxing.

Feel free to whisper me in game or on here, though best better is in game.
my guild is constantly pugging a dps or two. prob finishing off MV (for the first time) tonight or sunday, as we got him down to 3% before patch drop -_-.

send me some in game mail, (as i may forget to ask), but i will see if i can get you a secure spot in the raid group.

we are a pretty laid back group, that raids thursdays and sundays at 5pm realm time.

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