5.2 Hunter Pets Taking Increased AOE Damage

Bug Report
Is it just me but I noticed when I was going around killing rares my pets would auto die in one crane kick that the rares do. They still have Avoidance in there spell book so I don't think its working as intended.
It is happening to warlock pets too. Apparently "avoidance" isn't avoiding.
Agreed. I am also experiencing this.
Ok, this may be a stupid question. But, was it spinning crane kick, Dragon Roar, Shockwave or other point blank 'multi-target' spells for all three of you?

If it was, it is entirely possible that several point blank attacks like Spinning Crane Kick were removed from the "AoE" category because of the change in the Area Damage Cap.

Just food for thought, since they changed the cap from 10 to 20. They might have had to change the 'tag' for some spells/abilities to avoid affecting damage on attacks that have a tiny range anyway.
ya same deal.. I sent my turtle in on Al-Li an this is the 1st time I have ever see it die to spinning crane kick..... real bs imo...
Just tested this and my pet die so quick. ai-ran's spining kick hit my pet for 212k, he died shortly.

if this is intended, say bye bye to your pet in raids. any raid aoe will knock him dead.
I have experienced this since the patch as well. The over all survive ability of minion pets has plummeted. As this is a crucial aspect of both classes I cant say this was intended with the patch yet never spoken about or even tested. Lets home this is all cleared up soon.
Indeed, made fighting mobs like Ai-ran a real pain in the butt...
Makes it impossible to do things any other class can do, like solo rares, so, can't be intentional.
Experienced the same on my hunter, pandaria rares i blew over now kill my pet instantly with aoes and have had several HoF bosses poke my pet and kill it during aoe phases.
My hunter and warlock pets are all taking unbelievable amounts of damage, especially from AoE sources that were not lethal pre-patch. It has become quite irritating in both solo and group content.
Is this even acknowledged by Blizzard yet?
My pets are still getting crushed with aoe damage.
Tested it in raids on my hunter, this is killing them there too. Not just Pandaria rares. Currently affecting all pets; hunter, lock, DK.
Happening to my characters as well.
If this is intended then i'd like to know why it wasn't in the patch notes when blizz seems to welcome people that solo content, this goes completely against that when pets are a major part of hunter and lock soloing and an even bigger part of hunter dps when it comes to raid bosses that do full aoe dmg on pets.

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