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I hate to whine but this site is damn near impossible because I can't mount to get away from the Nascent Kunchongs roaming because of the de-mounting swarms and right now the Nascent are just too damn powerful for even my multidotting/mind searing self. They chain stun ravage and I'm done. Any way to change these mobs, get rid of the demounting swarms or remove the site to somewhere else would be appreciated.
I agree. Actually, Sra'vess is so packed with mobs, they really should not have any sites there - it's near impossible to dig there without getting seriously ganked. I just avoid them when I get them, and use the Lorewalker's Map when all of them are there to get new locations.
!@#$ that pit and to whoever decided that was a good dig site you are seriously trolling.
The entire island is a bad idea. I like to do archaeology for nice peaceful gameplay, and having to fight multiple mobs for a single dig node, is silly.
I came to these forums hoping to make a topic very similar to this.

Currently I haven't even finished my first digsite at the Feeding Pits but I agree that this feels like a joke on Blizzard's part.
Phew, I thought I just didn't get it. I was digging along happily, praising Blizzard for making archaeology in Pandaria fun. Okay, maybe not fun but at least not tiresome. I could dig without too much interference from mobs, the spot that crosses an elite path is easy to wait out. Then I got the feeding pit... ... ... The only conclusion I can come to is they want to force you to buy the trinket that resets your digsites. Because who is going to group up to do archaeology? I was able to get the first fragment from that site but after two deaths, the reward is not worth the repair bills. So that one sits, taunting me. And it will remain until I have all four locked up in undoable spots and I break down and buy the reset thingy.
Agreed, this site was intended to be handled with the shado-pan npcs and stealth. And so someone decided this was a good place for a digsite too? Get serious Blizz.
Add another to the "This Site Has To Go" bandwagon.

I've just got this for the first time and was also coming to complain - most of the others have easy'ish ways to avoid having to fight too much but this...
feeding pit needs to go and the other two on the island as well you should not need to bring an instance group to do a dig. blizz when you test this stuff try useing a normal toon not your over gear elite 95s
..what they said
Honestly the way I do the mantid archy is this:

Buy the new device that gives you nothing but mantid sites.

Buy a site scrambler.

Dig until 3 (or all 4) of the dig sites are on Srvass.

Scramble. This usually puts all the sites back off Srvass.

Rinse, repeat.

By the time they all stack back on Srvass, the timer on the scramble is usually worn off. It's much easier and faster than trying to deal with that nasty little island.
I just mutter to myself "this belongs in a museum" as I slaughter mantid and steal their cultural heritage.
Just want to add my support in opposition of this dig site - the area is designed to be dangerous and requires stealth.

At best it becomes a tedious area best avoided a la Razter's method.

At its worst... well, I died twice before deciding to just clear out the pit before concentrating on digging.
This is the borked Twilight Highlands site of Pandaria. Use that map to re-do your dig sites. Works pretty well now.

I refuse to go out to that island for Anything nowadays. Bad memories, etc.
Man, this site sure is painful.

While we're at it, I would like to dig up Orc artifacts in the Horde capital.
I agree that pit is horrible I can solo many elites,rares and whatnot but these things are just horrible.
I've done it once, mainly because I was stubborn and wanted to finish once I started... but it was very tough, I had to use invis to escape several times. Since then I've avoided it.
If you are trying to make archaeology even less popular, this site is an excellent choice.

If not, please fix.
This site is ridiculous. There is no way to effectively get your dig sites AND avoid the -packs- of those stupid kuchong. Why would you even make this a dig site? This is asinine.

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