PvP Power vs Strength

I have stacked PvP power gems all through, and without even possessing a PvP weapon (an additional 18% - 20% power at 4700-5000 PvP power) or full malevolent gear yet, have 40.97% PvP power (Approx 58.97% Power once weapon is obtained). Why? Don't be quick to judge!

Strength is great, but the boost from the gear stats and enchants is all you need because at 1 strength equal to 2 attack power, you're throwing approximately 1600 strength value in (10) gems just to increase your attack power by 3200... and that 3200 attack power does not bypass resilience!

In the same amount of gems (10) you can stack 3200 PvP power, which is roughly an additional 14% damage increase to enemy players! Would you prefer adding 3200 attack power, a minuscule damage increase that gets dwarfed by armour and resilience, or an exceptional 14% damage increase to players regardless of their armour and resilience by using gems that diminishes the effects of their resilience?

At anything over 50.00% Power, it is hard to believe that any enemy will have more than 15.00% - 20.00% resilience left over against your attacks: That sounds more comforting than 3200 attack power glancing off of a remaining 29.00% - 34.00% remaining resilience, doesn't it?

These are just my own personal strategies through experimenting since my return last week to the game, I'm just exploring the edges and I hope that this helps others decide in where to place their gem loyalty.

I would personally suggest that hunter's and other's using agility try this, as for intellect users, I do not know, I am not a caster player by any means.
Pvp power doesn't just subtract resilience like that

But yes if you want damage you should gem it over strength..
No one gems strength or straight pvp power
The calculations are rough, I know, but it's a decent synopsis for starters to look at :)
give this a whirl and see what you think.

Uggh, pvp power and resil doesn't work that way! /eye twitch

You cannot remove a player's resilience with anything. If a player has 65% resil, he is going to take 35% of your attacks' damage and that's that.

PvP power increases the amount of damage you do. If you would normally do 100k damage with an ability and you have 50% pvp power, you would instead do 150k damage. However, since the guy you're smacking has 65% resilience, you instead hit him for 52,500 damage. That is a world of difference than if the system worked the way you suggested, which is 65% resil - 50% pvp power = only 15% resil. Then he'd be taking 85,000 damage.

The easiest way to remember it is pvp power buffs your character. It isn't like armor penetration or spell penetration where you are punching through their character's stats.

Edit--as an extreme example, let's say Bob has 100% pvp power. Joe has 99% resilience. Guess how much damage Bob does to Joe? He does only 2% of what the attack would have done without resil or power involved. Joe then proceeds to kick Bob's !@#.

100% pvp power = your damage is doubled.
100% resil = you're completely invincible.

At 99% resil, you take -half- of the damage you'd take at 98% resil. The closer you are to 100%, the more drastic every little percentage is.
I gave your theory for hunters a try and it isn't viable. I lose a significant amount of damage. It's better to stick with agility over pvp power.
I just tried gemming full pvp power.

My pvp power increased by +16%, which was about a 10% damage increase relatively. But my resil fell from 69.12% to 62.75% = 20.6% more incoming damage taken. It was bad.
why is this a discussion? warriors stack resil........end of story
PvP power and resil do not interact like that - I saw someone's thread on this a while ago and he calculated strength was better. My buddy tried it, and he agreed. Bottom line though, NEVER stack straight strength or pvp power, we need resilience.
I would like to thank everyone for the feedback, though the calculations I previously made should have, in fact reflected more toward what Luna said, I do a considerable more amount of damage through PvP Power as a warrior through personal testing and recount. I have kept the PvP Power and am levelling Leatherworking for an additional 500 strength embossment to add strength while keeping a rough 61% PvP Power and 62.50% Resil.

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