I soloed Razorgore..

I really did, but now that you're here, cann tell me if you like my mog or not?

I tried really hard, I started with MC to get lawbringer gear and I got the gloves and boots and rag dropped my judgment leggings first try. I must be lucky.

then one day I realized that lawbringer is ugly so I decided to do BWL. I TRIED to solo Razorgore, I tried to heal him through the damage but there was just too many mobs, it was stupid. maybe a level 90 paladin can do it? but i sure couldnt. I brough my monk to kill razorgore and then on that run last week, I got judgment gloves and chestplate. chromaggus is a bastard of course and he doesnt cooperate.

I saw the design to the lightbringer crown and i got wet so i went and killed archimonde and got it the same day, which brings me to the point of this post. do these shoulders go with this? i think its pretty they were really unexpected from Hyjal and I didnt like them at first but they are growing on me.

Please dont be mean to me, as you can see I tried really hard D:
Razorgore isn't really about healing or damage, you just want RF on yourself and make sure Razorgore is pretty far away before the channel ends so you have time to kill him. He was pretty significantly nerfed, so it's not really too hard.

The shoulders are a little too-red. Judgement is more dominated by yellow.
Yep that's the problem. the reds dont match!

I REALLY wish they did because this would be a really good one! :((

I like it even though it doesnt match so it will have to do until I get something better. thanks guys :)
and yeah Razorgore DID kill my monk once. not even gonna lie. I had to get the eggs that were close to me first and then work my way to the back of the room. going as fast as I possibly could, He was at around 15% by the time I got all the eggs down
If you have instant-cast heals, you can actually target Razorgore while you are actively mind controlling him, cast, and the cast breaks the control but the heal actually lands.

When I was still doing BWL, I'd sacred shield him that way.
Yep, knowing that that works is what made me believe that I could solo it with this paladin. but in the end, it took me too long to AoE the adds, the heal on razorgore I managed to get off was too weak to really make a difference, it was just a mess. i tried like 4 times. lmao
Lightbringer Crown + judgement pants. With those as a base, you pretty much can't go wrong.
Yah Razorgore is definitely soloable. The day he became soloable I went in and after 3 attempts I was able to do this weekly.

For me its about getting all the eggs popped around you done before the first wave of adds spawn. He should be in about the middle of the room by the time the first adds start coming out. Maybe a little closer to the orb, but that's about where I've been able to get him by the time the adds come out.

By the time the channel ends, I'm working him towards one of the far corners. At that point I let him drop and then AOE all the adds around me before Razor gets to me and the orb. I cast one FoL and that should take egg breaking aggro off of the mobs that are beginning to chase razorgore.

I start the second channel and have him finish up on the far platform. I finish the eggs and then voila! Smack him in the face a few times and its loot city.

If he gets to about half health before I am on that far platform with him, I'll cast a LoH on myself to really get that healing aggro going. Putting on RF can help if you have significant issues with Razor dying before the eggs are done

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