[A] Soul Society is LFM for 5.2 10m

Soul Society's 10m progression raid team (Team Wasabi) has undergone some changes in the past month and as such we have new core spots available!


We will consider any exceptional dps that are interested as well as anyone looking for a casual backup spot regardless of class.

8 - 10pm ST Wed & Thurs

We are currently 16/16N T14, 1/12 ToT

Raid Awareness / Preparedness - know what the mechanics are called, and what they do
Class Knowledge - be knowledgeable about your class/spec, we won't hold your hand!
Team Synergy - Our group is focused on downing bosses - that's what makes raiding fun for us. HOWEVER, we also require behavior conducive to a fun yet focused atmosphere.

If you have those things, and are interested in joining a group that is determined to improve and progress, please send an in-game mail or whisper so we can chat.

We strongly prefer people who are ready to jump right in with the gear they have now. We'll be doing alt/normal runs for past content on weekends for those who are interested.

Contact Dreytox in game via whisper, or me via BattleTag - Brosephiine#1666 or whisper.
Updated to fix a few things, now looking for a mage or boomkin! c:
Still searching. c:
Just gonna bump this up a little. >.>
Actually that boomkin might not be such a great idea, they'll take all my gear. :P
... Thanks for pointing that out to me AGAIN. D: I forgot to fix this post. >.>
Stiiiiill lookin'. >.>
Aw c'mon, we're only a little behind on progression. :<
Still looking people, come get some ToT progression done with us. :D
We'll be cleaning up HoF and Terrace, still need some good raiders to join us! Preferably permanently. c:
Still have some openings, we're ready to try out anyone interested this week! :)
Hey I recently raided with you guys on my guardian druid Moonstuffe, ilvl 502. He is not available but this mage is or holy pally 486 ilvl and able to make your raid times. My ilvl will jump quickly but will need to do hof / terrace runs. I moved my druid from a ilvl 487 to 502 in one weeks time.
Thanks Hotstuffe. :)

Alright, two spots open still!
We'll for sure need a healer tonight if anyone would like to step in for a bit (or forever.)
All 5.1 content has been cleared! Time to focus solely on ToT. Still need a healer and a dps!
Could really use a hunter for this coming week! :)
Updated the first post, now looking for a hunter OR an ele shaman. c:
Still need that last dps! c: Open spot for tomorrow.
Spots open for one dps and one healer! We raid tomorrow, 8pm. c:

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