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Area 52
I have some friends who recently transferred to Area 52. They PVE mostly but I enjoy PVP more. According to GuildOX, Area 52 has the highest RBG rating for a PVE server. That being said, how are PUG RBGs on Area 52? I've heard there is actually a lot of PVP on the server but just sitting in trade chat a few times I've not seen much PVP chatter. I'd love to transfer over to be with friends but don't want to end up sitting on a level 1 toon x-realm trying to find groups all the time. Thanks for your input.
It's a PvE server, you're not going to find much hardcore PvP. If you're Horde, you'll be able to find a guild that'll run BGs with you no problem. If you're Alliance...that's a different story.

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