<Tickle my Pickle> 10m LF Hpally Lock Mage

Area 52
We are currently 1/12N ToT; 4/16H T14.

Core group raid times are 10:30pm-1:30am server/EST on Tues/Wed/Sun.

The core group is looking for 2 new raiders, preferably a Holy Paladin, Warlock, and/or Mage. We will look at all applicants, but would prefer that they be 16/16N T14, have competitive gear for ToT (490+), and some reasonable proof of good raid awareness (logs, heroic experience, etc.). Note that we do research our applicants to check for accuracy of information and to view WoL reports.

All classes are encouraged to apply, as we are building a second raid group as well.

If you are interested in joining or would like to know more, contact Shlongis, Stònetusk, Swagmagik, or Shamthrax in game. You can also visit http://ticklemypickle.guildlaunch.com for more information and to apply.

Battletag: Blackmagik#1632

Many of us server transferred a couple of months ago from Akatsuki @ Uldum, and several of us got Realm Fist! H Ragnaros and H Madness of DW kills for the last two tiers (you can check Akatsuki @ Uldum's Feats of Strength to verify). Since MoP, our old server has severely depopulated, so we've made the tough decision to move and regroup. We're a dedicated progression guild with some seriously talented raiders, who are looking to make Tier 15 (5.2/ToT) as successful as previous ones have been.

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