The boulder in Sunsong Ranch need help plz.

I got an email from farmer yoon about grats on being a real tiller, glad to have you, etc. etc.
It also said about moving the rock. He didnt' tell me who to talk to and I didn't get a quest from him about it. Does anyone know who I am supposed to talk to? Do I have to wait until I get all the votes to be a tiller? I'm exhalted of course but I don't know where to go about the boulder.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
The boulder is the last obstruction to be removed in your farm and it is removed by Haohan Mudclaw. You should have gotten a quest by Yun to talk to Haohan so that he removes the boulder (it is given after you get Haohan's vote).
oh ok no i don't have haohan's vote yet.
Don't think you need Haohan's vote, I think you rescue his Yak's or something. Also requires exulted tiller's rep I think.
You will get the quest when you get close to exalted with the Tillers. One of my alts got to around 18000 rep this morning and the quest popped up.
Well i also kinda got a problem i got the quest and did it but he didn't remove my bolder -.- Help!
Need to get exalted, all the votes, and complete the last growing the farm quest. Then you wait for the big rhino creature to smash it all to bits!
I just got a letter from farmer Yoon saying I could remove the Boulder but it was time but you go to the Boulder and there ain't nothing there

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