Potential transfer looking for new raid home

I am currently looking for a new server to call home with a new guild to raid with. I am a demo/ aff lock siting on 477 ilvl (just started again a few weeks ago) and i am looking for a guild to start into 5.2 content with. I have experience in clearing previous content such as Dragon Soul, Firelands, ICC, ToC, ULD, Naxx, ect.I was most active in wrath during Ulduar where the guild i was with was geting yogg to 15% on 25man before the ToC patch, I played a bit more into later wrath but didnt really start clearing raid content again untill cata.Im looking for a guild to raid with 2 - 3 nights a week between 6:30 pm PST and 12 am PST (i cant do sat or sun), I give 110% to my group and take constructive critisism very well. If you are interested in me joining your guild please reply to this post or message me ingame sykl#1748

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