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lol rogue complaining because he cant down a WW monk....RoP isnt going to save the monk, its ur failure at not playing properly. Alot of "decent" rogues are just vanishing and waiting for RoP to fade then come in for the burst. We are still able to be CC'd while its up. Heck mosts rogues dont even care and just run out of its range and spam shuri toss over and over to kill while its up. its not hard to counter in fact i almost miss leg sweep and often switch back and forth between the abilities. its not hard to kite the monk while RoP is up specially with this Hitbox bug monks have....just keep moving and the monk wont land majority of his attacks.

Ty that is exactly what I tried to tell them earlier. RoP does not save me most of the time. It's just nice to have for melee that are beating on me considering I'm a ranged healer.
No WW monk should be getting kited by a rogue lol EVER......It is incredibly easy for a monk to stick to a rogue all day long. If you can't you can not and should not be playing a monk. That being said with ROP and healing with chi wave and healing spheres and dispel harm if you are losing to rogues find another class to play. WW is a face roll win against rogues.

Healing from chi wave and healing spheres, lol.

I agree you should never get kited by a rogue, but rogue has vastly superior control.

That being said, monks shouldn't get 1v1d by a rogue. However, rogues absolutely dominate monks in 3s.
Yes healing from chi wave and spheres.

The only thing a rogue does in 3s is control someone while a class that does real damage blows you up.

Do you understand how low the healing is from those two sources?

And the fact you think rogues don't have 'real' damage is honestly laughable.
Because the game isn't balanced around 1v1, quit complaining about duels.

Both Rogues and WW improved due to Warrior nerf.
Yeah I've fought a few monks with RoP, and when they blew it all I did was roll out of the way and either paralyze or throw some spinning fire blossoms while I waited for it to end. It's really not hard to counter, at all.
No one has said on here that it's "easy" to counter a monk's abilities except for the Druid that said it wasn't hard and really they are ranged so that's a little different. I also don't think that just because a monk can't take a rogue that they need to reroll. It's dumb to suggest that just because someone can't take a specific class at any given time that rerolling to diff class is gonna make that much difference. Besides there are too many variables involved to even make that suggestion to someone. There are plenty of rogues out there that I'm sure have killed monks and vice versa. All we are doing is trying to make suggestions on how a rogue can counter RoP. That's it. Which really I'm not sure how this thread even developed to that considering it started out as a person saying it was gonna be nerfed...
What makes you think being a different class will help them play any better? And if you can't beat a monk maybe you need to reroll? Seriously that is the dumbest suggestion ever. People play what they enjoy at least I do and I never said I had problems with rogues and I'm also not a WW.
Exactly where do you get the conclusion I don't know how to play my class? Because I said RoP doesn't save me most of the time? Please enlighten me all-knowing rogue.
I'm a blood elf not night elf.
Hmmm that's funny considering there is a NE and BE in the top rated bg players and only 1 undead and both the BE and NE are ranked higher than the undead. Also a BE in the top ranked 5s team from last season. Seems you are incorrect in your statement that anyone who plays NE or BE don't know how to play their class. You really shouldn't speak in absolutes. Very dangerous thing. Anyway you are just looking to argue with someone maybe you are having a bad day and get on here to make someone else's day bad. You've been unsuccessful with me good luck on the next person.

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