<Devils Mark> 19 LFM. Join us! :)

Area 52
<Devils Mark>, lvl 19, is looking for people to join us in our adventures. We are a small guild that is looking to expand. We dont currently have a raid team due to lack of members, but we try to run heroics or scenarios every night to gear up alts and run a weekly LFR to gear up as well.

We also enjoy PvP and would like to have guildees to Arena with or just run BG's. We are not a hardcore guild in any way. We encourage everyone to play the game how you like. If you are on and want to do something, GREAT! If you just want to pick flowers or peel critters and not be disturbed, thats fine too.

I personally like to run old school raids and old content for tmog gear and pets/mounts and it would be great to have guildees to run with instead of soloing or pugging. If you need to work on legendary items from Firelands or Dragon Soul, we can set that up as well.

If you are looking for a relaxed, drama free, mature guild, give us a try. We offer paid repairs, and have heirloom cloaks and legs unlocked right now. Soon to have the helms unlocked.

Pst any member online for an invite, or drop a line here if you have any questions.

Im usually online at about 6 or 7pm server time till 1am or so. If im not on my hunter Rahkmor, im usually on Pixelpimp or Forensics.

Have a great day!

Stiil looking for people to join us. I really dont want to resort to spam invite add ons.
Getting some nice peeps, still looking for more. Come join the fun! So much better running heroics with guildees. :)

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