Pally Tank & Heals looking for raiding guild

Area 52
recently moved over to area 52 from winterhoof. Looking for a raiding guild to get geared for MSV and beyond. I am tank with off spec heals. WOuld like to find a friend adult guild to run herics, LFR and the new content and gear fro raids to enjoy the game. if your intrsted in having me join. Message me in game or add me to skype

Skype: Killian_hero
Welcome to Area 52. I moved from winterhoof to here as well last year. You'll love it here.
If you're still looking for a home, we could use a pally tank. Raid times Tues/Wed 10:30p-12:30. Majority of the guild are friends of mine. all adults, most of us have kids as well.

Look me up ingame if your interested and if not good luck in your future endeavors and also welcome to Area 52.
ill add ya in game and send ya a message via mail if your not on. Im currently wth Bacon huggers, good gorup of people but since ive been here ive rarely seen many of includung the Glead whom transfered me over. Been bustin my backside tryin to gear but is a little rought when luck isnt your firend.

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