Are Prot Pallies good in PvP?

Prot pallys are pretty awful,

Prot warriors are pretty awful,

Blood DKs are pretty amazing.
Ahhh I miss prot pallys in WOTLK we had such insane burst on top of our great survivability
as far as I'm aware, no tank is really all that great at 90 pvp. DKs may be the only tank class that can do good damage. That being said, I've always thought of prot warriors and paladins as filling a unique role of support and control in PvP. I mean, with the amount of silences and stuns we have, along with our ability to help heal others (even if it's a weak heal), and all of our Hands of ---- we have, combined with a tank's natural ability to survive an onslaught at the cost of doing much damage, I'd say prot is at least viable to have fun with. Maybe even low mmr rbgs. not sure about arenas. but having someone in any pvp team that can disrupt the enemy team can be a real asset, it doesn't necessarily have to be a prot pally or a tank at all, but that doesn't mean prot pallies can't fulfill that role.
One would think:

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