Official Rare-Kill Codex Thread

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After pulling an all nighter and 98 rare kills later I finally freaking got it...
About 25 kills been farming all day haven't seen one. But about 15% of my kills have been un-lootable. So who knows it may have dropped for me but I couldn't loot it. Wouldn't that be peachy.
I got it about 430 PST on kill 98 off of Mumta.
Anyone know if the tome drops off ToT trash?
First kill, off Goda, ungrouped, with a Tome and Ritual stone. Feel sorry for all of you that it's taking forever to get, this is honestly the first rng to go my way that I can recall. If it's any consolation I got to Kanrethad and figured out my gear needs to be vastly improved before I can take him.
i'm valor capped just from farming rares. haven't seen it drop once.
3rd rare and i got the tome
So does it only drop from rares? From the Dev quest for 5.2 they say it can drop from anything on the isle of thunder.
The Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion for the Warlock green fire quest will be a rare drop from the new rare spawns, bosses, and mobs on the Isle of Thunder. Later patches will likely increase the drop rate so that unlucky Warlocks will be able to get it.
Yea I read that. I'm asking for confirmation if anyone has actually looted it off anything other than a rare.
extremely annoying how sloppy they threw this quest together. Couldnt of been clear on how to get it and why not throw it in raids as a possible drop too.. Crap like this pisses me off
I was lucky enough to get one from the second rare I killed.
i turned it into a drinking game. every time i loot a rare without the codex, i take a shot.
i turned it into a drinking game. every time i loot a rare without the codex, i take a shot.

I couldn't play that drinking game if we were using water.
7 Hours. Killed -every- rare spawn on the island as it spawned. No tome, didn't see a single one drop. Not worth my time anymore.

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