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My core group is looking to finalize our arrangements for 5.2 raiding going forward. This core has been raiding together since the beginning of cataclysm and need to fill a few slots for this tier.

Note: My priority in recruitment is to find someone that is going to have the same professional mentality that my current crew brings. We expect that you will exercise personal responsibility before raids to the extent that you read up on your class and the upcoming fights to understand what is going on.

A current high ilvl is helpful to bring, but the way they are giving out elder charms for bonus loot and nerfing the pre-5.2 content makes it easier than ever to catch you up, if necessary. My crew is very patient and helpful when it comes to fixing your gear but we know we can't fix lousy mentalities and we aren't interested in recruiting them.


Tues & Wednesday: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm (server).
VOIP - Mumble


1 Tank - Given my crew's current flexibility we are accepting any class application for this role.

2 DPS - Again, my crew is willing to be flexible in order to secure the right 10 man group, so I encourage all classes to apply. However, we really could use a warrior/monk melee dps as one of these slots for synergy and fair token distribution.

You can expect:

Amazing heals, Mumble, Repairs, Food buffs, Enchants & help with other professions, direct access to all officers via facebook/text or whatever and more.

We expect:

Personal responsibility, you bring flasks and potions to further progression fights, and promptness (or at least an advance warning of an issue prohibiting it).

Please respond here or find me in game (after 5 pm est doing my dailies tonight) with interest. If you cannot get a hold of me for any reason please direct any interest to my officers Larcie or Kavelier.
neeeeeeed Main tank
My i level is not the greatest....but I would love to help out

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