Competitive H resto sham/heal priest

Area 52
Unfortunately i return to these forums to find a guild yet again :'(

I Began the xpac with shatter on this server, we stayed top 5 consistently, and i had a fantastic time working with them. Then at the release of Toes, when we were 3/6H 3/6N the guild fell apart. I took a break from the game for awhile at this point, returning to join Furious Legion. (Roughly realm 15) Which proceeded to disband two weeks into my arrival. Most recently I was recruited into syndicate which has since stopped raiding... I Honestly am fairly traumatized at this point...

During Fl and then again at the start of T14, i regularly ranked on my Resto druid/Shaman. I like to think i am a high end raider capable of exceptional performance on any of my healers, though performance is not what i am worried about. I am looking for a solid group whom i can depend on to raid each week. My raid attendance will NEVER be an issue unless an absolute emergency. For that reason i am not looking for a bench spot at all.

Logs: Unfortunately, i have not had very much time in heroic progression recently, so the logs are not my best work. But not bad either.

I am comfortable healing on my priest, druid and shaman. I prefer the druid, though he is just recently 90 and would require assistance gearing up for heroics. Both Priest & Shaman are completely TOT ready. Any night of the week is fine, though i do somewhat prefer weekdays. 12am server is the latest i can go on a regular basis, though if for specific progression that can be bent.

I look forward to your replies and thanks for reading this far :)
Battle Tag Dozar#1961
Alternate email (Not realid)
Levita, we're looking for a resto shaman. We're 16/16 wih 1/12 down in ToT. We raid Thu and Sun from 8-11 Server. My realID is walterodim#1946

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