Immørtal<25> is Recruiting ALL

Casuals, Raiders, and Pvpers. There is a spot for everyone and plenty of ways to communicate.


We have about 5-10 people interested in making an rbg team and about 11 more transferring from another realm that will be in control of the pvp section.


We are trying to get at least one maybe a few core 10 man groups going. The list of everything we have is on our website.


We do weekly heroics, scenarios, and want to complete all the achievements in them quite possibly getting a challenge mode group going as well.

We have a website: We have character profiles and people introducing themselves on this website.

We have a 50 man vent server.

We have weekly guild contribution contests, trivia night, and getting ready to setup a lottery. All of these with gold prizes.

I try to maintain a mature and friendly guild. Come join our growing family.

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