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Looks like my video card is stable now...

Last night after I installed it...oh lord it was turrible. My computer would restart after I logged onto windows.

After some research in safe mode I found some info about the newest drivers throwing temper tantrums...so I put an older driver and now it's working great....so far :<

I'm still skuured.
It's because you have no hair!
Go do more AV
Go do more AV

2 wins in a row!!!!! 3 on the day!!!! WTF
03/10/2013 02:05 PMPosted by Eisenhorne
Go do more AV

2 wins in a row!!!!! 3 on the day!!!! WTF

2 Wins in a row, 3 on the day! (3 out of 29)
Figures the first alliance to attack me on the island is a blood DK....

He starts attacking me while I'm killing Arcweaver Jor'guva. At first I couldn't tell if he was attacking me or the mob but he puts all his debuffs on me and starts hitting me for like 20k...but he distracted me and the mob killed me. So I run back and notice he's trying to kill Arcweaver so I killed the DK and took the tag back from him.

Puny alliance.
We had a Tol Barad Battle on Friday that was 32v30.


I didn't even know there were 32 alliance on my server.
i dislike how everyone can win av but me lol

Well, Darkspear...


Last AV, lost 7-0.


So many people whining in chat. Less complainin', more pew pewin' and we might have won.
03/10/2013 06:41 PMPosted by Idaelus
Last AV, lost 7-0.

Are you playing AV or air hockey?
Are you playing AV or air hockey?

I was playing AV. My teammates were playing something, I'm just not sure what it was.

That Ret pally who kept running though the group, going out of healing range, into the Alliance Death Machine was playing Rambo I think.


The forums are full of rage about av weekend this morning!
You should make 52 threads - one for each loss. THAT'S SO RIDICULOUS HOW CAN YOU STILL PLAY??

I probably would have swallowed my tongue somwhere around 30... games. You are a machine.


edit- in comparison, i spent about 15-20 minutes kiting one of the new 20mil rares around a rock tonight.
I think i'd rather delete my account than do that again. Or at least delete the hunter so i couldn't...
i dont get it why people are so mad about this. i played 68 av's on my horde toon and only won 16 but i am not making 50 threads about it.

Goodness Toosk. I did enough to buy the 5 main pieces, and then went back to randoms.

I'm going to finish off the pieces that need no 'chanting or gems (ring, trink, trink) and probably wait on the others to start filling them with conquest pieces. No need to buy em , chant em, and then buy em again.

I guess it's time to get a Ret set.

i have not played wow in 2 days now if that answers your question lol. been playing d3 instead to get some away time from what i had done.

Are you a Starcraft player as well?

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