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So I will continue my study in Melbourne for the next 2 years start from July. Coming from Indonesia as a gamer and internet addict (internet is sucks in here but it provides better money/quality), I need to know what is the best stable connection in Melbourne.

So far, from the information that I've gathered are Internode and Telstra. Which plan is the best for me?I play Battlefield, some blizzard games, some steam games but not too often. I just need stability and realibility, not really a download fan unless it's a patch day or something so quota is not really a big thing but it's a plus if I have bigger quota.

Any thoughts?
Internet stability in Australia, Bwhahahaha, sorry :)
I,m in Qld and use TPG, it's not great :(
I am heading to Vic myself soon, I had better stability down there when I was down there last time, I believe I was with Telstra.
Not sure about what plan would be best for you, but the unlimited packages are usually the best way to go.
You could check out 'Tunnelling' if your ok with paying extra for it.
Telstra cable is best for gamers, and usually the $80 -$100 per month is what you expect to pay for the speed and d/ls. I play wow 10-14 hours a day, have more issues with Blizzard than my ISP.
In my hometown, 200 is what I expected consider the hop and the distanceso I think it's fine lol, thanks for the info. Might go with telstra then if internode a bit pricey
Internode is considered the 'gamer' ISP and generally are supposed to have the best ping. Telstra I'm not a fan of however it should be fine. I use iiNet at the moment and am in melbourne, I get around 200ms down to 180ms but sometimes jumps 230ms. I wouldn't say Internode is really more expensive than Telstra??

Also if you need some more info go to whirlpool forums they're really helpful, just google it.
I use Telstra Cable 100Mbps - $110 per month - ping is never above 180ms and that's coming from Adelaide and routing into Sydney (Melbourne will do the same). Any lag issues I experience are almost always on the US end of things and there's just nothing you can do to avoid that.
I live in Melbourne and up until Cata I was with TPG and never had any problems. After MOP hit my latency frequently went off the radar sometimes over 4K and every night there were really bad lag spikes. So, I switched to Internode and get a constant 200ms and havent looked back since.
I live in Geelong, an hour away from Melbourne and i've had many ISP's over the years and the one i have stayed with due to the best results for me is Telstra's Bigpond, their wired and wireless Internet has yet to fail me, also in the next few years they will working towards even faster speed with a new kind of line (optic i think, i don't know much about these things, but i know it'll be fast)
Oh another thing, any livestreamer in australia?What type of connection do you use?how much is it?

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