5.2 ret pve dps so far?

seeing as how i only LFR with this alt, no 4pc, and have ZERO LUCK with LFR weapon drops...

its not too shabby. however, still so far behind frost dk
We're very weapon reliant. If you have a bad weapon, your damage output will suffer a lot.
the ONE thing i have no luck with... i really dont understand why blacksmithing or archaeology doesnt have a 476 epic equivalent.

i log on for an hour per week to to elegon/sha of fear to not get the drop. this system is sort of flawed. especially how dependent ret is on a weapon.
I'm beating rogues. I am so happy
how is your dps compared to frost/fury?
well, the dks in my raid are a bit less geared than I am, one rerolled mid tier the other missed some good loot nights dew to classes, but our warriors im passing pretty well. tho one of our warrior got turbo lucky and we had 2 1h str Thunderforge weapons drop, so I really want to see what he can do with those badboys

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