<A> <Server Shutdown> Recruiting - 25man raid

Server Shutdown is currently seeking the following classes for our 25 player raid team!

* Elemental shaman
* Restoration Shaman
* Holy Paladin
* Hunter
* DPS Death Knight

We are currently 6/6 MH and 1/6 HoF. We are looking to clear the 5.0 content ASAP since 5.2 has dropped and have plans to go into Throne of Thunder as soon as we have a solid 25 team ready to rock. (We are sick of pugging the last few every week!)

Our raid times are Monday and Thursday nights from 8pm ST to 10.30pm ST.

We are a friendly and social guild and most of us have been raiding for many years, so if you're one of the classes mentioned and you don't suck (can play your class well and preferably an ilvl 485+) then speak to an officer in-game for an invite!
Up you get who wants to join a good bunch of people and enjoy being in a 25 man raid environment.
Bump for a few more DPS.
Bump for a few more people.
Muddy and Juggs... well well well ... whats happening boys - long time no see :D
still looking for dps?
Always good to see 25man guilds on Aman'Thul :D

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