Extended Warranty Recruiting for ToT!

Extended Warranty is a "casually hardcore" 10 man raiding guild that is focused on completing progression at a heroic level, while maintaining a comfortable and relaxed environment. If you are a player who is dedicated to maximizing your play in a raid setting, but can't stand the stress and time commitment of a hardcore progression guild, then Extended Warranty could be the perfect place for you!

Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday from 8PM-11PM Server time. Alt runs are occasionally scheduled on off days, but the normal raiding schedule will not be adjusted. We do not run with a bench, so we expect close to 100% attendance from all raid members. We are all people with busy lives, but 9 other individuals have set aside time in their schedule to be available for the raid, and the same will be expected of you.

Our current needs are as follows:

1 Restoration/Elemental Shaman

This spot is for our third healer position. You will be a primary healer, but will be expected to keep up a strong DPS spec for use on 2 heal fights, as appropriate. Gear and previous raiding experience this expansion is not so much an issue, as we are more interested in the abilities and personality of the player.

If you are interested in filling this position please contact Melbunk in game. I am online most every evening starting at 7PM Server Time. If I am not available, please feel free to send me an in-game mail, or contact any online member of Extended Warranty who may be able to track me down if I am on an alt.
Bump. Still looking for that Shaman! We are now currently 2/12 in ToT.
I'm very interested - your philosophy on raiding/raid time is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm an experienced raider but newer shaman (though I'm very confident about my healing ability). Looking to make my shaman my main, and looking to transfer to Proudmoore in the process. Would love to talk some more.

I'll try to catch you this weekend via a level 1 Proudmoore alt. My battle tag is Aureus#1422 if you'd like to add me.

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