Experienced Feral/Disc LF RBG group

That is pretty much the entire thing, thought I'd put myself out there on some populated Alliance servers. I've played feral since BC and I've played discipline priest since s8, over 2300 and 2200 respectively. (played most classes over at least 1800)

Anyway as far as RBGs go, I've only played them to 1900 and it was with awful groups when we were all undergeared and no one liked RBGs. Not trying to say that my 1900 is worth more than anyone else's, just saying that I haven't done any serious RBGs. I assume I'll have to be a bear flag carrier, which is fine with me, but I would probably be better for the team playing feral as frequently as possible.

I have done few RBGs as disc, but I can learn it quickly and I'll play it well. If you are interested in either one (but preferably feral) just reply here, or send me a message on skype. trentismyhero is the skype name.

I don't rage, I don't suck, and I get along pretty well with the majority of people.

This is alliance only but I am planning on leveling my horde priest from 85-90 soon, leveling blows though so that could potentially never happen lol. Hope to see you fellow nerds in the arena.

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