[H] Hammered 3/12 TOT LF HEALER AND 1 RDPS

<Hammered> Level 25 Guild, 10 man

Progression: 6/6 MSV 6/6 HOF 4/4 ToES 3/12 Tot Normal

Casual Raiding Guild

Raid Times: Currently Tuesday,Thursday 730st-11st

Recruiting: All classes welcome, currently looking for a reliable healer and ranged dps prefer lock or hunter

What to expect:

We are a close group of friends who have been playing together for a couple of years. We all have real lifes and understand when things come up which hinder raid attendance. We are a casual raiding guild so if you are looking for hardcore raiding we are not the guild for you.

We do expect everyone to fully understand their class and spec to be able to maximize performance for raids. There is no gear requirement currently to get in, but showing dedication to go get the best gear you can increases raid chances.

Any questions or wanting more information you can whisper in game on <kenshiputa>

My battletag is chance#1292.
we are now 5/6 in HoF 6/6 in Msv

We are currently still looking for one tank with a dps off spec.

Anyone is welcome to join even if your class is not currently needed
i could use a raiding guild
i took a break from raiding to pvp but i wanna get back in it my main pepperss was my main raider heres the armory
Sorry man I should of posted the update on my horde toon... We are not alliance
i dont mind switching
Oh Alright then, how does your pve gear look because you are logged out in your pvp gear.
still looking for a off tank with a dps off spec, and ranged dps
We also need a healer HPally RDruid or MWMonk
looking for a consistent off tank still starting ToT very soon
We recruited some fun new players in our ToES clear on Thursday, and we are still looking for a consistent tank.

If you are thinking about transferring we can bring you in on our HoF and ToES runs cross realm. Whisper one of us in game and we will be glad to give you a shot! Best time to find one of us online is during our raid time.
still looking for a off tank for 10 man raid spot... anyone else is welcome to join still
One of our top DPS is going to gear his a tank so that we can progress farther in ToT. Now we need a couple of good dps to fill in or a tank that can actually be on during the scheduled raid times.
would really like to find a consistent warlock or hunter

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