<Technique> 4/13H LF Rogue, DK, Mage, Hunter

Area 52
About Us:
<Technique> is a progression-oriented guild on Area 52, and it was founded by members of Akatsuki on Uldum. During Cataclysm, we acquired Realm First kills on Heroic Ragnaros and Heroic Madness of Deathwing at a time where Uldum was a medium-to-high population server, and much more competitive. With the launch of Mists of Pandaria came severe depopulation and a mass exodus of competitive players from Uldum to other servers, which eventually forced us to relocate and create <Technique> (formerly <Tickle my Pickle>) here on Area 52. Our efforts to rebuild left us lagging behind for the greater part of Tier 14 raiding, but now we are ready to get back to the cutting-edge progression we are used to, and aim to raid at the same pace as the best on our server.

Our guild is always open to exceptional raiders, even when a core raid spot cannot be offered, and we frequently raid on alternate characters, do previous content, and PvP on off-nights, often alongside other guilds. We seek to expand our guild to include multiple competitive raid groups in the future as well.

Guild Leadership:
GM | Cryomagik
Officer | Shamthrax
Officer | Stònetusk

Raid Times:
The core group raids 10:30pm - 1:30am EST on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. An additional, abbreviated raid night may be added on Sunday or Monday during progression.

T15: 3/13H, Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen
T14: 4/16H, 16/16N, Ahead of the Curve: Sha of Fear, Shek'zeer, and Will of the Emperor
T13: 8/8H DS, Realm First! Heroic Madness of Deathwing (Akatsuki @ Uldum)
T12: 7/7H FL, Realm First! Heroic Ragnaros (Akatsuki @ Uldum)

Loot Rules:
Loot is distributed by a 3-person loot council with a healer, tank, and DPS representing that council. The loot council will decide on the guild's current priorities and state them to the guild. These priorities may change week by week, but are likely to remain the same. When gear drops, the Master Looter will ask for those who want it for their main-spec to whisper them with the item(s) they wish to replace, and the loot will be awarded to the highest priority person. Item level difference, set bonus activation, raid attendance, and other factors will be considered. We expect all of our raiders to be generous to one another and settle gear competition with the entire team in mind, as progression – not loot – is our ultimate goal.

Any exceptional players who wish to apply to our core group must have considerable raiding experience, competitive gear, and proof of their capabilities and raid awareness via parses. Regardless of what is presented on your application, we will conduct our own research to check for accuracy and acquire additional information. That being said, exceptional players of all classes and specializations are encouraged to apply, regardless of whether the core group has a specific need for what you primarily play.

Contact Information:
If you would like to know more or have any questions, feel free to contact one of the following officers in game:
Cryomagik | Blackmagik #1632

or visit our website and apply at:
Still recruiting a holy paladin or warlock. We plan on killing Council of Elders this Sunday and progressing on to Tortos!
Still recruiting a holy paladin or warlock.
Still looking^

Elder Council was downed tonight, and Tortos looks to be an easy victory this week.
Do you guys still need a mage? I'm a 491 ilvl frost mage lf a weekday guild. My main is currently 4/12 in ToT and I have researched the other fights
Update: 4/12 ToT.

We are still open to recruiting, but are in the process of talks and trying out some new individuals. While we place no strict ilvl or experience requirement on anyone applying, it should be known that a core group spot likely requires a minimum ilvl of 495-500, and preferably a normal ToT 10/25 kill other than Jin'rokh. We do look at logs, experience, and achievements (experience on other toons) when considering people for our main group.
Update 6/12 ToT.
Update 9/12 ToT.
Update: 10/12.
Update: 11/12
Recruitment status change. We have 2 immediate core group openings and are interested in the following:

Blood DK
Guardian Druid
Prot Paladin
Brewmaster Monk

Resto Druid
Resto Shaman
Mistweaver Monk
^^ Hi Seren!! :p
If ur still in need of a pali tank i would love to talk to you ingame
Update 12/12!

Still LF a tank. Preferably Gdruid > BDK > Prot Pally.
Recruitment status update.

Immediate opening for a healer (preferably a Holy Paladin) for a core raid spot to begin heroic ToT progression this coming week. We would like to try the person out on Monday @ 10:30pm for Twins and Lei Shen.

Still in need of a new tank (preferably a Vanquisher) as well.

After 4 months <Tickle my Pickle> was reported, despite their being dozens of other guilds on other servers with that name.

From here on we are <Technique>! Note that the URL for our website has changed as well to:

This may mess with our WoW Progress rankings and such, but bare with us as the armory takes a while to update the guild name for everyone.

We are still very much in the market for a Guardian Druid, and potentially a Holy Paladin as well.
bump for a great guild come on guys, got to be some good tank and healers out there!!!!!
Update. 1/12H as of 4/23 with close attempts on H Ji-Kun as well.

Still in need of a Holy Paladin.

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