<Technique> 4/13H LF Rogue, DK, Mage, Hunter

Area 52

Expanding search to include Shadow Priest, Mage, or Disc Priest.

We could still use a healer or a DPS of the following classes (in order of most preferred to least):

Disc Priest
Resto Druid
Resto Shaman


Shadow Priest

Ideally be 515-520+ and 12/12 normal.
I have a 515 ilvl demo lock with 11/12 killed and progression to phase 3 on lei shin, looking to starting raid on Area 52 after years on bloodhoof as alliance.
Hey Shao, whats your demo lock's name on A52?

it is verdoom, I will add you to my real id, the name will be ramnation.
1 opening for a great *non-protector* MDPS. Preferably we'd like an Unholy DK, but a very good Ret Paladin or Rogue would be acceptable. As with most heroic ToT guilds, we would prefer applicants be above or very close to ilvl 520, and have at least 12/12 normal ToT experience.
We have a core raid spot open for a Hunter.

For this week only, we have a temporary tank spot open as well.

Still in need of a new hunter.

Immediate opening for a hunter!

Still looking for a hunter.

A very belated 3/13H finally.

Still LF a hunter.
bump get these guys a hunter great group gratz on horridon last night !!!!
LF a plate DPS - Warrior or DK preferred.

Still open to a Hunter as well.

520+ item level and heroic ToT experience required.
For upcoming 5.4 patch we are going to make some changes to improve the group and fill open spots.

We have a need for the following DPS classes:
    - Mage
    - Frost/Unholy Death Knight
    - Rogue
    - Hunter

    - Elemental Shaman

    - DPS Warrior
    - Feral Druid
    - Windwalker Monk
    - Balance Druid

Please be 525+ item level with legendary meta gem, and at least some heroic ToT progression.

Still looking primarily for a mage and a rogue or DK.

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